Display flickering on S4MK3, D2, S5 and S8 since updating to Traktor Pro 3.9

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Since updating to Traktor Pro 3.9 on Windows 10 and 11 owners of Traktor display controllers like the S4 MK3, D2, S5, or S8 are experiencing heavy flickering on the displays.

This issue is affecting Windows machines with GPUs by AMD, such as the AMD Radeon Pro series, and began after Traktor’s upgrade to a new version of the graphics framework Qt (5 to 6) used for rendering the display. 

The waveform on the computer display will also stutter significantly in these cases.

Unfortunately, updating the AMD drivers doesn't fix this issue, nor does tweaking various driver settings. 

The removal of an OpenGL compatibility library in Qt6 revealed a previously hidden issue with Traktor’s OpenGL implementation and Windows AMD drivers, causing them not to load. The result is a fallback to the much slower software rendering, causing the flickering. 

We are exploring all possible solutions including a momentary roll-back to Qt5 but are currently confident that we will come up with a proper  solution within the upcoming 4-6 weeks. Until then we advise affected users to roll back to version 3.8. Find instructions for downgrading to the previous version here. If you are a new user and have just installed version 3.9, find the installers of version 3.8 here.



  • Sûlherokhh
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    I hope this means a solution of the opacity issues of waveforms as well. 🙏

  • Spazoo
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    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

  • Alkaline
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    Well then, let's wait and see.

  • semitone_autonomy
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    Experiencing this as well. So are we gonna have to wait for months again to receive another mediocre bugfix update, essentially pushing back requested functions further?

    You know, this wouldn't surprise me. Any current DJ system is better than Traktor, and it has been for years.

    Rekorbox just released Google Drive streaming.

    Meanwhile Traktor can't even get it's graphics right. For at least a decade now :D

  • DJ-Andre
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    Oh guys come on... Always complaining, always wining. You can always move along if you're not happy with the development of Traktor.

    VirtualDJ costs $ 20,-- per month (or $ 299,-- for lifetime license). Rekordbox has a price of $ 10,-- per month (or unlock with supported hardware device - no lifetime license as far as i know). Traktor costs $ 99,-- for a lifetime license. Less than a year of Rekordbox and let's not talk about VDJ.

    You can't expect the same level of service for that price.

  • Stevan
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    I don't want to move on because someone else thinks that X app is better than Y app. When in reality I know what app is best for me and want my S4 screen to function properly with it native software.

    On the other deck, the more users report and complaint the higher priority status of the bug it is.

  • Owner
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    But it would be expected that i can still use my hardware from the same company after an update, right? Since Traktor 3 it has happened several times that certain things got worse after an update. Scren flickering bug, e.g. and then there is simply no fix for it. A hotfix would also have been expected for the current screen bug. If I were a Pro Plus subscriber I would have been furious.

  • DJ-Andre
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    Ofcourse it would be nice to have a, let's say, monthly update (3.9.1, 3.9.2, etc.) to fix open bugs. It seems that's not possible. I don't think NI creates bugs to fix them later on.

    3.9 is a relatively big update (graphics framework from QT5 to QT6 and drop DirectX rendering support in favour of OpenGL. I guess you know that's a completely different rendering engine?

    As written a few times here and previously in the forums, large portions of the Traktor-codebase needs to be rewritten. New code means new bugs while fixing others. New features depend on newer code. The screen flickering bug seems to be more complicated to fix. That takes time and probably the whole library needs to be rewritten. You can't expect that to be ready in a few weeks or months. We don't know how Traktor was written in the past (it could be, and probaby is/was, a complete mess).

    In any case the library is still functional and the flickering bug is a bit frustrating but not a deadlock. The issue with AMD graphics is more concerning but as recommended roll back to 3.8 and wait for a new update. @Kaiwan_NI perhaps a good idea to public beta test the hotfix as well before releasing it to whole userbase. I think NI should stop updating Traktor on machines with AMD graphics (let Native Access detect graphics driver and prevent the 3.9.0 update for AMD drivers).

  • btong1
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    I cant find this topic in the 3.10 update notes. Is this problem fixed? And if its not fixed: What da fu** is wrong NI?

  • Sûlherokhh
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    In the beta test section it says about 3.10.0:

    Known Issues that we’re working on:

    • On Windows computers with AMD GPUs the displays on S4MK3, X1MK3, D2, S5 or S8 are subject to flickering in versions 3.9.0 and 3.10.0.
    • Beatport/Beatsource will not connect if Traktor was opened with no internet connection active on the device. The workaround is to log out and back into beatport.
    • M4A files that have been bought on iTunes have Volume issues on Windows since the last security Windows 11 update. After investigation, it seems that we’re not the only ones impacted by this problem. We’re trying our best to find a way to solve this issue in collaboration with Microsoft. 
    • Waveforms on D2/S8 are displayed without transparency. Some 3rd party screen-mods may suffer from this issue.


  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,870 mod

    There have been a few, just not the ones we where hoping for. I consider this to be just an update to include the code needed to use the new X1.

  • kdejaeger
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    edited September 2023

    I didn't notice the known issues. Now I'm stuck here as well, sigh. I'll go back to 3.8.

  • FoxX
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    My screen mod in traktor s5 doesnt work with traktor pro 3.10...

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