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Hi there, I am kind of new here, trying to find my way in NI SW & HW. Just a short question. Using a Maschine Jam, Maschine MK3 and a Komplete Kontrol M32. When I am working on a song and trying to play live along with the song and switching between the patterns, my M32 keyboard is switching with it. So loosing my sound playing live. How can I lock my sound playing at that moment?

Did some research, but there is a lot of info and until now, not the info I was aiming for? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards - Ernst


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    Maschine works like that: switching the focus on one device, all others follow.

    The only way to continue playing the instrument on another group with e.g. your M32 keyboard is changing that instrument midi settings to receive from the M32 instead of focus and all other groups (all the sounds in them, push shift and click on first sound slot and then on last…or use Select - All in controller) to receive from another device (e.g. Maschine MK3 Ctrl Midi…or None)

    In this example, Group B is for the instrument that must be played with the keyboard no matter the focus of the program:

    and all the other groups will be played by Maschine (also the Jam) depending on which group you select:

    Remember also that these settings allows to PLAY an instrument on a determined group, but it’s not possible to RECORD it simultaneously while recording also another group (as soon as you press the keys the Maschine focus will switch to that instrument too.

    If you want to record 2 sounds (or a kit and an instrument) simultaneously, they have to be in the same group (e.g. with the instrument loaded on one of the sound slots. In this case the midi settings must be done for this slot, and not for another group)

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    Thank you for the perfect explanation. Hoped for a short(er)cut, but this will help absolutely. Kind regards Ernst

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    You’re welcome

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    another way you could get around the issue you are dealing with is to use Maschine as a plugin albeit a VST & opening multiple instances of the VST within a separate Daw....

    this will give you many added benefits... as you can have each of your devices go between the instances and have separation of devices or couple them to the instances of your choosing!

    The choice of Daw will determine how much configuration you will get across across all 3 devices you have, if i were in your shoes with the gear you have currently... i would definately veer toward Reaper..

    there are a couple of community made scripts of note that would allow for unique customisation of your NI hardware you are using..

    Realearn for the Maschine Jam & Reakontrol for the m32 ... there is the element of self customisation meaning you will have to customise things... the benefits to this, is you learn to work-around all the short-comings of both NI-hardware & software

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