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There are a few tags that I really really miss from Traktor.

There are 76 different types of tags between Traktor, Rekordbox, iTunes (Apple to weirdos) and Lexicon. So we don't need all of them.

But here are some I especially miss:

Energy, Danceability , Popularity, Happiness.

Energy is a tag that Mixed In Key started with, the other 3 are ones Lexicon generates.

It's nice if it's visually presented, as in the example above, from Lexicon.

Extra fields

To use for whatever metadata Traktor isn't supporting yet.

File type

Is it mp3 or lossless?


A lot of us used this tag from iTunes to set multiple tags per track.

Multi-tag ("Tags" or "User Tags")

This is a whole other request. But a good song is never too often sung, as they say in my language. This is what it looks like in practice (from Lexicon):

skip a feature like this, and you cede a part of Traktor to 3rd party apps.

It shouldn't be to hard to do in terms of data, but it does pose design problems. But it's the future. anyway.

Last skipped

Not essential, but it'd be a fascinating metric, especially in a DJ app. Tracks you audition but don't mix in.


You rarely have the release date, but lots of apps can scrape original year of release, and it helps if you play any type of non-current music.

Not asking for garbage tags that DJs don't use....

Movements, lyricist names, all that. Keeping the list fairly tidy is good design, although I'm not gonna protest hard against whatever tags others want and I don't.

I'm just specifying that this isn't a request for all tags in the larger id4 spec (or spec drafts or whatever), as such. I wouldn't mind it, but I'm not asking for it.

... but not objecting to other tags either....

I might add to this, if interesting things pop into the comments. And as above, an omission is not an objection.

... Except Album Rating.

iTunes users know what I'm talking about. I will picket the NI building in Berlin.

Thats it. Thanks!


PS: Here's the comparison chart of tags that these four programs offer. It was hastily done, so it's not science. And it does not make for a great meme. I know there are duplicates. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Sûlherokhh
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    That's a helpful overview all on it's own. Thanks.

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    Really cool thread, hope to see the Traktor team take notice.

    Lexicon (and Rekordbox) My Tags system is definitely the future of library organisation.

  • Owner
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    Super thread - Thanks for your time an effort! +1

  • MrDo
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  • Ves
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    I love the idea.

    Though I need to point out, your list is not correct.

    You only mentioned the columns show. This is the actual metadata tag list for Rekordbox

    And the creator or OneTagger, Bas Curtiz created a while list of metadata tags compared to the different software programs. Sadly can't post the link due to forum restrictions.

    Not sure which DJs you talk about. But the ones I know don't use 'Grouping'.

    But they do use "garbage tags" you mentioned.

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    Bump, lets see some more upvotes please!

  • leesinthemix
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    Really want to see this one happen.

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    The tags idea is an excellent idea, I think, in fact I am convinced that this system can be very useful to make the most of the dynamic creation of smart playlists, in addition to the filtering system And manual search for songs within playlists. I think we should also modify the song's metadata editing tab. we would need a fixed panel that can be opened that automatically displays the metadata even when you switch between selecting one Song after song, like rekordbox. As it would need a larger panel, which fits the UI, it now remains small with larger display resolutions. Same thing for other property panels, but Midi mappings.... Small adjustments that other manufacturers already do, but NI is always behind. Their problem is not yet understood. The fact is that standing still like this is bad for NI

  • Terrordisco
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    The metadata chart was made to illustrate discrepancies. As I said, it was hastily done, and I posted it as a picture because it's not supposed to be a reference, just an illustration describing how scattershot this stuff is. I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough on that for you.

    If your friend has specific tag your friend would like to access in Traktor, maybe your friend can join the forum and post them as comments to this thread. As I said, I'm not asking for all the tags possible, I just compiled what I want plus what the DJs I know like. The more the merrier.

    Warm regards to your friend!

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    I would also like to see this metadata system be able to edited through midi mapping.

    For example you can have an option to have a button to append tags to tracks, or an encoder/ multiple buttons to set your ratings.

    If you had a launchpad/ maschine jam- you can have a layout of 64 readily available common tags at a press of a button (or 4 channels for 4 decks of 16 tags) to immediately append to tracks. I think this workflow would add a lot to the efficiency of multiple track preparation and possibly searching

  • Terrordisco
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    Love the encoder idea. hate the button grid. But I think you should get the button grid and I should get the encoder, that's only fair.

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