Traktor bug fixes and suggestions

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Upgraded beatmasher 2 in traktor 3 . It has his own sound, unic remarkeble and not as Beat masher2 traktor 2 sounds . Beat Masher2(in traktor 3) In single mode it suggest an double beat roll per one beat snap and I find it less confortable to double beat rolling effect. I wish it be single. And bring back the Beatmasher 2 from Traktor 2 allso ! I grow up with it, and I live with it ! 

Track Deck sugestions:

Infinite number of markable , numbored , mappable Que Points with Emoticon support on Waveform Display 

Remix decs bugs:

When drag&drop sample to Sample Cell no wave form showed (remix pack playlist - specific file analyze async neded . 

Common suggestions :

RTL language support . 

Video clips player 

Standart windows mui window

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