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Hi all

Can anyone advise what to do about the unbelievably slow download speeds I'm experiencing with Native Access, or at least confirm that they're having the same experience?

Since getting K14 CE on Saturday, I have managed to download only 4 instruments - and that's basically with NA running 24/7. Currently looking at 18+ hours to download a 6gb library (and that number is steadily going UP, not down!) It's only managed 240mb since starting the download several hours ago. The estimated download times keep jumping up and down. Yesterday, at one point, the estimated time to download a 27gb library was over 1400hrs.

This CANNOT be right, but I can't seem to find any info about the situation. Running NA (the dark version), because OS is too old for NA2. Plan to update the OS sometime in Aug when my new SSD arrives but in the meantime need to work!

I'm on a 80Mbps line, and I have confirmed that speed with several online tests. A suggestion I saw elsewhere said to change DNS to Google ( but that didn't help. ISP has no idea either.




  • Sunborn
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    If you are using VPN or Proxy, then most probably this is the reason. If you are not, then here is a list with possible solutions:

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    I have downloaded my entire K14 library at least 3x in the last 12 months due to new system builds, DAW troubleshooting, etc, and each time I notice I am being heavily throttled by NI's content delivery network.

    I created a ticket/question about this 6+ months ago, and no one replied. It takes me 10-12 hours to download my library when it could take 1/8th that much time on my 1.5GB connection, and I use no proxies or VPN. With most other vendors, I achieve nearly 100% of my rated portspeed most of the time, and I would certainly appreciate not being throttled by NI.

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    Thanks for the link, Sunborn. I'd seen that page and run through it all. Pretty routine networking troubleshooting stuff, and negative to all the VPN/Firewall/Scheduled tasks stuff. It's late here, so I'm gonna call it a day - maybe the NI servers are overwhelmed, I don't know. It's super frustrating though.

    @Milkman you suspect it might be throttling? maybe. having to download the whole pack 3 times is a major red flag. yup, not experiencing speed issues on any other front here.

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    Most probable reason for any extra annoyances at this particular time :

    It's Summer Sale time and the N.I. servers are most likely struggling with a lot of new users also downloading a lot of content and could be struggling with that for some time after the sale also !

    (No company allocates more resources than they have to when it comes to servers and backbone. Some though are better prepared than others for any extra loads but any available choices also depends on the choice of the company with respect to basic server infrastructure and of course on the cost factor)

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