Q&A with Maschine/Maschine Plus team?

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I know that probably both teams are very busy and it is not easy for them to find time for Q&A, but I think that such a meeting and exchange of ideas between us Maschine users and the team of developers is somehow needed. Or maybe something like this is already planned?



  • basehead617
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    There's two things going on in my opinion..

    a) their dev teams are stretched and I doubt they'd think this is a good use of limited time

    b) my guess is most of the devs are ESL (English as second language.. especially true and problematic for German tech companies) and/or grumpy engineers, they're afraid how such a meeting would come off between things being misunderstood/misconstrued via language, tone, etc. if meetings were with only someone tossed on as a producer/manager (the latest in a long line) they probably wouldn't be able to provide any more than rote surface level PR answers to anything.. not in-depth discussion.. which would be called out by the community.. so, no benefit

  • awol9000
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    I doubt any Maschine developers are very busy or doing much of anything.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for starting the thread @AdelV I can maybe bring this up with the Maschine team if there are questions they can answer

  • tom80
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    I doubt that there are actually any dedicated Maschine developers.

  • AdelV
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    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is Maschine Plus being supported and will it be actively developed?

    2. Will support for bluetooth module be introduced?

    3. Do you plan to exchange projects between the computer and Maschine Plus via Wifi? 

    4. Is there any new content planned for Maschine Plus?

  • OhulahanBass
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    Q & A or any future info would be rad. My questions would be:

    1) When auto-sampling, is it possible to add an option to globally turn auto-loop on and off? This would remove allot of risk of wasting time and samples when auto-sampling 60+ samples.

    2) Any new plugs coming in the future?

    3) When using as a controller, could it be possible to use the USB ports as a USB hub?

    4) Any future plans to give us visuals on automation in standalone?

    5) Got anything new features in the works or is M+ looked at as a mostly complete with some bugs to squash?

  • tribepop
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    There’s a million different posts with great ideas for M+ features and all of that so I won’t repeat it here, I guess I would want to know:

    • What’s the biggest challenge facing Maschine+ development right now and what are your plans to overcome that?
  • ozon
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    @OhulahanBass asked:

    3) When using as a controller, could it be possible to use the USB ports as a USB hub?

    If I remember correctly, it was mentioned on Ye Olde Forum that this is not possible from the hardware design: Something like the internal USB hub is hardwired to the M+ motherboard. Which makes sense.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Knowing how it is gonna end, I’ll make only the most basic question:

    • will at least parity of versions on Maschine on computer and Maschine+ be assured. I talk about Reaktor (to allow users to build ensembles on computer to then use on M+) and Maschine software itself (to allow projects transfer between computer and standalone)
  • AdelV
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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will respond to us. ❤️ ;))))

  • AdelV
    AdelV Member Posts: 122 Advisor

    Hey, it's July. It's been a while since the last update and new information. Can we count on some new information?

  • ozon
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    Why? This is a user-to-user forum provided by NI. It’s neither an official support channel nor an official communication platform.

  • AdelV
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    Yes, you are right. I forget all the time that companies don't always want to communicate everything....

  • Murat Kayi
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    nor an official communication platform.

    What do you mean by that @ozon ?

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