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Select FX is a new performance interface FX type similar to group and single. However it's heavily inspired by beat FX's workflow whilst still using the 4 knobs and buttons interface. One of the good performance features of beat FX is that you can select nearly all effects directly through the hardware. This is achievable through mapping, but most of the time you have to do multiple button presses to get to choosing your fx. This becomes cumbersome because you have the full list of fx to scroll through. So with this new effect type, you can cherry pick as many effects as you want from the drop down menu with tick boxes. Hopefully this will also allow more mapping possibilities as well.

Starting from the left,

Knob 1 is wet/dry whist button 1 is on/off akin to single fx. Equally, its the same on the hardware.

The effect list box, This shows you a list of effect you have selected, The dimmed names are the next/previous effects in your chosen list. This is on the UI only.

Knob 2 is your selection parameter. On the UI it becomes divisional to the amount of effects selected. On the hardware, button 2 pulses to tell you that you've selected a new effect.*

TGL box, this tells you, either this toggle is active or momentary is active (MMT). Toggle allows the effect to stay on after pressing the on/off button (button 1) and will turn off when pressed again. Momentary allows the button to be held for on, and when let go, the effect will turn off. On the hardware, button 2 will toggle between the 2 options. When the light is off it'll be the 'toggle' option as group/single have on/off as toggle. When the light is on it'll be momentary.

*When the button 2 is unlit- it'll pulse a light. When the button is lit- it'll pulse off.

Knob 3 is a selected effect parameter similar to group effect. **

Time division, This shows you the sync rate of the effect. On hardware button 3&4 is previous and next. Both buttons blink to the division selected. The division is synced to the master tempo.

Filter, a post LP/HP filter to mix the effect better. On hardware this is knob 4 (this can be changed to something else, pre effect filter?)

** This won't be 1 on 1 with group effect chosen parameter as divisional sync is already a parameter, so it'll be feedback or (gater) shape etc

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