Yamaha DX200 Maschine Group

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This is something that i made for me and like to share with you, i am not sure if here is the right place, or it is the Sampling Room, however i read that there, all contributions must be made with the auto-sampler, so since i used the Audio module and not the Sampler, i post here. As far as i know, this instrument was never sampled before, neither recreated as software, ever.

What it is?

16 of the original introduction presets of my old DX200, recorded at 48 kHz/24-bit, then refined and corrected on SoundForge and finally imported on Maschine and bounded as a Group.


Put the folder "DX200" into your User Documents\Native Instruments\Maschine 2\Groups and the folder "NI Resources" into your Public Documents

Hope you like it! :-)


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