THE single most BEST feature to add is UNDO !!!

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Since even before Traktor I've wanted an undo feature, it's so obvious but yet its not there and it would be SO useful.

Just a couple examples.

You load a track into the track that's playing, instant fix, probably would sound cool as well.

Utility stuff like you drag a track to the deck but miss and put it in the playlist instead, now you don't know where it was!

Or just deleting stuff by mistake in the playlists, TOO many situations that it would be SO useful for and probably some creative ones as well.

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  • springreverb
    springreverb Member Posts: 11 Member

    Also, just did it by mistake, deleting the wrong cue point..

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 223 Pro

    This gets a BIG +1 from me. 👍🏻

    Been meaning to suggest this for YEARS!!!

  • springreverb
    springreverb Member Posts: 11 Member

    Played over the weekend and wished again at least 3 times I'd had this

  • tac0cat
    tac0cat Member Posts: 27 Member

    I always tell myself I should post about this and see if there’s something I missing. Especially if I change any of the text or delete the wrong playlist etc. I’ve learned to just consistently be saving and then if I screw up, I just force close haha

  • springreverb
    springreverb Member Posts: 11 Member

    I'm glad you chimed in, I'm amazed more people don't want this.

    There are not too many programs around these days without an UNDO!

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