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Hey Traktor team

Having been getting back into the Ozone Maximizer and Pattern Player over the last week, I've been getting a bit frustrated with the gain staging of some sounds and wondered if we could be given the option to choose which track decks have Ozone applied or choose the threshold, per deck. If this was possible, then we could send all PP modules to one channel and really have them cut through in the mix.

Obviously I understand the limiter is currently set to the master bus, but this isn't very beneficial if we just want to beef up our PP drums and while tracks that are already mastered with streaming in mind, are sent to the master unaffected.

Some in the past have asked for the option to apply this per track, but that seems quite unworkable; whereas this idea might be more plausible.

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    I have to admit that I never signed up for pro + because I don't see any added value for my profile as a dj for what it has offered so far. but, from afar, the way the maximizer is currently designed just doesn't make sense. pumping tracks that have already been mastered again, unless you're playing an 80s disco set or something, just compresses everything to death, doesn't it? unless I play a 70s and 80s disco set in itself and want to lift everything together.

    I also think that it would make much more sense to equip individual decks with the maximizer instead of the master out.

    for me as an "open format" dj it would be very desirable if the maximizer could be used more individually. it would be much easier in clubs to occasionally play old songs using old mastering structures and very useful to add more punch to the old 70s track and not to the rest of my set, for example. Many early 2000s popular music titles lack dynamics as almost everything was compressed to death during mastering.

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