How do I layer two drum samples in zone mode while standalone?

Wchris Member Posts: 2 Member
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I have tried to locate my samples to ADD them via zone mode , but I am unable to locate them I only see a list of unused samples with numbers as names.


    DIS-ONE Member Posts: 34 Helper

    I’m almost positive that when you sample ( used or unused). Is stored as numbers. Did you try and preview the numbered samples to see if any of them are the sample you are looking for.

  • Wchris
    Wchris Member Posts: 2 Member

    Yes, I sampled something and trimmed it. I apply the trim and save it with a name. When I look for that sample using ADD from ZONE I cannot find my sample. I can only see old samples with numbers as names.

  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 128 Pro

    I think you have to go into preferences, and ‘rescan’ your user folders, and then the new trimmed sample should show up. It’s pretty annoying and clunky, I’ve also been trying to use the zones more by putting individual samples on individual ‘notes’ in the zone tab, and the workflow is confusing and frustrating for sure.

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