Tsi bug? 2 inputs and outputs are present when plug in 2 f1

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hi team, I’ve tried all combinations with all senerios and mappings. I have a Traktor s4mk3 and 2 f1. When I plug in 2 f1 I get this strange bug where 2 inputs and outputs are present. Every time I start Traktor I have to physically go into controller manger and change to bottom input and output or it doesn’t work. Driving me nuts.


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  • Stevan
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    I use 2 F1's and had the same issue. What fixed it for me is renaming the second F1 in the Controller Editor. Same applies to 2 Maschine Jam's (Traktor needs to see F1-1 and F1-2 at the Input and Output port in order to remember which unit is which and currently it sounds like it is only seeing dual F1-1 connected)

    Hope it is just that :)

    This is a general rule when it comes to connecting multiple MIDI controllers to any MIDI capable software. So not a Traktor issue.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    @Stevan that sorted it. Thank you. For anyone else there is a controller editor Manuel which explains how to rename. Have one plugged in at a time, open preferences or settings and rename unit from drop down box list. Unplug unit and plug back in. That’s it.


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