Kore Player Installation (incl. Compilation Vol. 1) in 2023

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Hello community!

Because it gets harder to install old NI Software, here a little breezer for Komplete 7 Player or Kore Player owners.

Those who got a free license back in the day: It is still possible to run Kore Player on your system (Win 10 and maybe 11 that is, sorry).

I put all the files necessary in a folder and added a little instruction page. Enjoy!


Please feel free to give feedback and tell me, if it works out for you (especially if you are on Win 11).

I don't own a Apple device. It probably work the same way, but you have to find an older Installer.




  • Paule
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    Can you rename NA 2 folder and then instal NA1.

    Then rename NA 1 to a different name and give NA2 it's old name?

    Thanks for your datas with instructions and yes I've a serial for Kore Player.

    Skanner Holiday Gift from 2008 works also.

  • Karm
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    Like I wrote in the PM, I don't see the benefit of doing it this way, except keeping an older NA 2 Version (or skipping one installation step).

    If you install NA 1 it might overwrite some data outside the folder (Registry etc.) for NA 2. I have not test it. I would assume that there shouldn't be a problem.

    Feel free to try it, would be great to know, if both ways work. I will not try it, because "never change a running system" and stuff ;)

  • Karm
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    A little update: I added the Compilation Vol. 2 (Holiday Selection) to Dropbox.

    Just install it, after you installed Kore and updated it.

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    Danke herr Keil

  • Marcusmax
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    Hi Karm and many thanks for this.

    I have a problem though. I was trying to install it myself yesterday before I found your post and I registered it with my serial number in Native Access 2 on my Mac as one of the steps I tried. (I can't run the latest Mac version on my OS so I was trying to install it on an old MacBook which won't run NA at all. I know, it's a bit complicated!)

    Anyway, I have followed your instructions to install it on my Windows 10 machine but when I enter the serial in NA 1 it comes up with an error that the serial is already registered. Of course because I already did that yesterday unfortunately! Kore Player now shows up in NA 1 but only as the Demo version. It doesn't show up in NA 2 and when I run it, it just shows the screen to run in Demo mode, get a serial or activate through Service Center which of course no longer works.

    Is there anything I can do to get it to work on the PC given this situation? Thanks!

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