Windows 11 and Maschine 2 SW Issues

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I did update to Windows 11 and now I have many latency issues. I cannot use Maschine 2 Software anymore and it was due to not knowing that 2.14.6 is the only version that will work with Windows 11. I also have a Komplete Audio 6 (the first one) it works but still crashes. Every time I start to make any music I run into issues where the music will slow down and then it crashes and I am sure this is a latency issue. Oh...I can't run Ableton either due to this issue. Is there anything that can be done? Is there a way to retro back to the version of Maschine SW that was working or am I stuck and have to wait for NI to update the drives so that it will work?


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    This page has some older installation files, but most recent is 2.6.8 …

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    @DF334 Where did you get this information that 2.14.6 is the only version working on Windows 11? Windows 11 is officially supported since version 2.16 and all the ones after that, including the latest update, there is no certainty that your issue is related to a specific version of Maschine. What is happening exactly with Ableton and how is it linked to Maschine?

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    Make sure you follow guides online for optimizing Windows for audio.

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    odd changes of tempo... can be a symptom of mismatched sample rates..

    check that your samplerates in windows is set the same as your Daw

    you will notice in this video although it is windows 10... the principle still and method still applies....

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    We have one of these guides: Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

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    I would use the analysys tools, that NI recommends.

    I had also problems with Maschine and Win11. Using the named tools showed, that ndis.sys was the problem. Now I disable the network interface, when I run Machine. Not really comfortable, but better than a hanging system.

    Perhaps you have a similar problem...

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    The only issue I found with windows 11 and native instruments was a memory leak in ntk daemon. Aside from that, my mk3 and jam work without issue both controlling Maschine software and ableton.

    there may be another issue here

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    So...after doing all the things that you guys suggested, along with the very rude Native Instruments Mod, none of them have worked. It keeps saying that the issue is wdf01000.sys. I will admit it doesn't have anything to do with Native Instruments and everything to do with Windows. Thank you for helping me try to solve this issue. For the Native Instruments Mod, You never start helping anyone by asking condescending questions. Maybe suggesting how to fix the issue would be the most helpful..don't ya think. Sorry, I bothered you because you seem like you didn't want to help anyway. Thanks to the other guys that decided they wanted to help.

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    @DF334 I'm sorry you felt that way, there was no condescendence, or intention to be rude, it's just that the original title suggested there was a general compatibility issue with the latest version of Maschine and Windows 11, which is not the case and could be confusing to other users, it was also an indication for you that the issue lied somewhere else... I genuinely asked where you got the information in case there was a general issue that we were not aware of. I also genuinely asked a question about what was happening with Ableton to help troubleshooting the issue but you never replied.

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