Traktor cannot read .nml files so I cannot import collection I lost everything

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I am desperate to know what I can do at this point, Traktor cannot read the .nml backup files that I have. It's impossible to understand, I tried from all the locations possible (time machine, hard drive backups etc...) and the .nml files are greyed and cannot be read / imported.

I need urgent help and Support is not responding




  • Sunborn
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    I don't know how this is possible but you can try to do it manually.

    Do not import through Traktor. Go to your disc in Traktor user directory (documents/native instruments etc) backup the existed collection.nml file, then go to your backup disc, copy your backup collection.nml file and paste it to the Traktor user directory. Then start Traktor, it should read it. If not, then your backup file is damaged and i doubt that you can do anything about it.

    If you succeed, then you should copy all the folder as well (Stripes, Transients etc.)

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