Native Access Application does not open and it states Unable to start the NTK Daemon

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Yesterday I was doing a session on Logic Pro on my MacOS Ventura 13.3.1 and I was using Native Access and using some plugins on my session with no issues and all of a sudden Logic Pro started acting out so i forced quit logic pro and restarted my laptop. Once my laptop restarted I attempted to open the Native Access application and the following message popped up "Unable to start the NTK Daemon. Please restart Native Access (which i did but nothing). If the issue persist please contact support. (which I also did, but now im in the waiting game)

I have already reached out to support and they gave me a ticket number and now im on the waiting list but a lot of people mentioned how support takes long to get back to you and I need to get this working soon for working purposes. Has anyone else experienced this and know what to do? I read a few forums not particularly in relation to mine, but I see some uninstall and then reinstall Native access again, but I just want to make sure that is the proper solution for my case before starting the whole uninstall tedious process. Thanks!

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