Can I stop using Rosetta now?

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Just updated Native Access and I was happy to see Reaktor got updated to have Apple Silicon support. yay!

Does this mean all NI products can now run natively on Macs, in other words can I ditch Rosetta mode for Maschine and Ableton (all the other plugins I use, are already Apple silicon supported)?


First of all thanks everybody for chiming in.

So I've deactivated Rosetta for Ableton, Komplete Kontrol and Maschine. I haven't checked everything, but what I've checked in my old projects seems to work mostly. Pancake doesn't work anymore, I had to replace it with the AU version. The same goes Expand2!

In Ableton VST2 versions of plugins don't auto replace to VST3 versions, as @Kymeia stated. This is kinda annoying because you can't check which preset was used, but I guess I have to live with it.

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    Pretty much. I believe Reaktor was the last update for native. Can always just try and see when you run Ableton natively - I’ve been doing it and just avoiding Reaktor things up to this point lol.



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