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Hi there,

I am a Traktor Dj software user for almost 10 years now, 6 of which, I've been a Kontrol S8 owner aswell.

Recently I got something wrong with my laptop and now I am unable to use my s8. It just struck my mind may be I should download the app because I remember seeing one long time ago. To my disappointment, it exists only for iPad?!

Its 2023 and not having an app not only means you are not up with the current general market trends, but also loosing out many potential customers to be.

So this post is a request to develop a Traktor Pro 3 mobile app. I can't use my Kontrol S8 right now, with the app, I might..

Thank you for considering this request and looking forward to the Traktor Pro 3 Android App. ✌🏼

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