Random Bug: Suddenly cannot load track into deck, and sound stops

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Greetings everyone,

Been losing sleep the past few nights, to be honest :)

Anywhere from 10 minutes or 2 hours into a set, out of nowhere, the following happens: While Deck B is playing and set on Master, I attempt to load a track to Deck A, and BOOM:

  • Deck A shows a blank screen on my controller, and does not output sound into the channel
  • No matter what I do - cannot load a track into deck A, no matter which track
  • Sometimes this propagates into Deck B without me doing anything - it stops outputting sound as well (cannot even see the pretty lights fire in the deck's channel)
    • The sound in Deck B can return for a few seconds, especially if I seek through the track using the MOVE knob, but at some point (a few seconds) - silence again.
    • If I try to load another track to Deck B - issue persists, no sound, but track is loaded (unlike deck A)
  • Restarting the Controller or even unplugging and replugging it to the laptop doesn't help.
  • If I set one of the Decks to EXT and plug in an external device - sound from that deck is fine! works.

The only fix I found so far is restarting Traktor.


  • Macbook Pro M2 8GB, Ventura 13.2.1
  • Traktor S4 Mk3 (latest firmware, 0.6.0) - connected by USBHUB or directly (bug happens in both setups)
  • Traktor Pro (latest I believe) - S4 set up as the audio device, 44.1Khz Buffer 128

I've seen similar reports here but no real answers so far...please holler if you think I've missed something!

Otherwise...2 Gigs this Friday and I am TERRIFIED - save me NI 😰


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