Traktor 3.8 and previous stuttering sound intermittently problem.

clouston Member Posts: 11 Member

Hi guys,

As the title says, I'm getting an intermittently random stuttering in the music as I'm playing every so often that sometimes occurs once or twice in a couple of hours and sometimes not at all but as you know, this cannot happen. It's as if for a few milliseconds the music stalls then carries on again.

This seems to have only started from version 3.5.2 onwards as over the years I've never had any issues with older versions.

I am running a 14" M1 Pro chip Macbook Pro along with the S4 MK3.

Could it possibly still be problems with using multi core enabled?

I use clean my Mac to make sure the machine is OCD tidy on the hard drive and it's not used for anything else other than Traktor or other music apps.


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