Allow Cue Point Setting BEFORE the track file starts?

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Sometimes it would be good if it would be allowed to set Cue Points out of the track range (e. g. at "-x seconds", before the file starts)

Tis would allow exact loading/starting/cueing points in case a track has a intro that does not fit in the 32 bar scheme because it is too short

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  • Patch
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    We desperately need this.

  • red_nick
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    This is such a good idea. Especially to allow the gridmarker to be before the track starts.

  • leesinthemix
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    Seriously guys?

    Just set an 8/16 bar loop at the start of the tune. You should all be pretty capable of counting bars and phrases.

    How the hell do you guys deal with radio edits?

    Vinyl DJs be turning in their graves haha

  • Owner
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    please, don't under estimate the power of this feature. have one hand free, instead of two hands are busy can make a huge different and gives me more free time to make other things in between, instead of counting bars an pushing / releasing something. there are especially many pop songs who have a Voice intro before the first downbeat, so it can be a useful tool. (not every voice is cool with a loop)

    sure, only this little extra feature would make little sense. but cue points in general might need an update. e.g. displaying the name of the cue point, silent cue point and something like serato flip would generally be desirable. all in one would make sense to me.

  • leesinthemix
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    I'm not underestimating it, I'm saying it's NOT DJING.

    DJing is about being in the moment and riding the emotions of working your blends. This just stinks of moving more and more towards pre determined outcomes.

    It's lazy and not what this game is about.

    Your other points relating to numbered cues and silent cue are very valid though.

  • Owner
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    Ok... but why you say that? It's also lax to use a loop, press sync, display the keys. DJing happens outside on the decks, I'm with you there. But the vinyl only times are dead. I sometimes wish I could go back to this, but I still don't want to miss the advantages I have these days. Real-keeping is really not hip anymore, sorry. I don't pay bills with it. If it were still my hobby then I wouldn't care.

    This feature would simply be a useful extension of our tool (Traktor) for me, i.e. the possibility to expand the horizon of our software. No one is forcing you to use a feature if you don't want to use it. That's just a theoretical specification, what you make of it in practice is something completely different. I could really use this feature, also intuitively. Or in a routine for a rehearsed set. It doesn't matter which creative processes you ultimately allow to emerge from it?

    From my point of view there are really several good reasons why this feature would be useful and I could use it well. Bring a technical objection that convinces me and then I'm totally with you, honestly. but simply saying, this or that is lax and kills the intuition of a DJ doesn't open up to me in an ideas thread, where it's about adding technical developments that could be helpful to make my work easier and bring more possibilities into it.

    I brought in or mentioned the other points because individual things are often desired here, in areas where there is still a lot of potential for innovations. So I'm going to address them as well, because nowadays cue points could be further developed as a whole.

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