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some effects are very compatible with some effects and they are in their own compatible settings. Can the effects chosen for this be prepared as a package with their chosen settings and selected change rate? so we can do more work perfectly with a single button, and it gives easy and effective results for users who are not sound experts.

Please don't give an example of how this can be done with mapping. Our aim is for the community to present the packages prepared by experts to us.

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  • Iceman the Dj
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    I see people complaining of things that Traktor already do, but they just didn't read the manual!

    Here is a solution if you don't wanna map anything:

    You have the option "save snapshot" on every effect. That means that the state of effect is saved the way it is when you take the snapshot and everytime you load the effect again, it will reload in that state. So set the effect how you wanna have it when is loaded, take a snapshot, and every time you load it you can play only with the parameter that you wanna play and everything else is already set for you!

    This software can do so much but you need to learn it! That's why beginners preffer pioneer and that's why I sayd in one of my post that "Is nice to have those effects but not everyone wants effects that need mappings for them or a sound ingeneering course, and those people are the majority. That's why many preffer pioneer style. I think you forgot to add simple things to the Traktor for simple people, simple Djs!" and I also sayd that "I would like to see more mixer effects to chose from and some new modern 1 knob macro effects, cause beside "wormhole" i hardly touched 2 or 3 others." I just that the team will read or will realize this, or bouth, whatever!

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