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  • lord-carlos
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    They said overmapping will not work on release day. They want to add it later.

    Kinda an important feature if you ask me.

  • b_en
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    Do you think this would be a good entry level DJ controller? It seems to have everything that you'd need – if you can deal with the lack of cross faders ...

  • ArtisanS
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    As my X1 MK3 is on it's way to the west of the country (from Limburg to Zeeland), i'm dropping out of this discussion. They just lost me as a client, lately they are singlehandidly taking the fun out of making music with their antics. Fed up with that, bey-bey.

  • nachopenades
    nachopenades Member Posts: 159 Pro

    I think we should always speak with respect.

  • nachopenades
    nachopenades Member Posts: 159 Pro

    Yes, at the moment you can select controls, but not assign them, I wish it could.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,018 Expert

    No, I would hate having to switch between the mode and having no volume faders.

    If you use it in combination with a Traktor Z1 it would expect it to be really good. I use Z1 and x1 mk2. With decksaver I can just throw it into a travel bag. Perfect for small gigs.

  • leesinthemix
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    edited September 2023

    Enjoying a lot so far. I really wish NI had sent a USB C to B cable though.

    A couple of things that would be really nice.

    1) Ability to turn off Mixer layer. Not necessary or useable when using X1 in External Mode.

    2) Be able to overmap to adjust certain functions. FX On to be a Hold rather than Toggle for instance, which would be a lot of fun on these big new buttons.

    I'm really enjoying the new pots and I don't really see what the fuss is all about. It actually makes much more sense to have a center point when using Insert FX. I always found myself going past half way far too easily with previous X1s, which meant losing a touch of the dry signal.

    ALSO, being able to change the hot cue buttons to stutter buttons is actually a really class touch and so much fun when you already have CDJs for hot cues. Ability to adjust Shift + Browser knob from tree to favourites in preferences also very welcome. Nicely nicely done NI!

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,512 Expert

    Normally, you could not even add any commands if there is no overmapping.

  • nachopenades
    nachopenades Member Posts: 159 Pro

    NI Team, check this. Download failed at win and mac.

  • vsiopis
    vsiopis Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


    i am a bit newbie here, i was wondering if there is a manual about traktor x1 mk3

    thank you.

  • fanatax
    fanatax Member Posts: 21 Helper
    edited September 2023

    Just went over to my music store where I live in Frankfurt (Germany) and grabbed a Traktor Kontrol X1 MK3 since they had it in stock. I noticed the following:

    Controller Manager broken

    The controller manager in Traktor Pro does not work with the X1 MK3. I can not map anything to the unit buttons/encoders. I wanted to change the behaviour of the REV button for example. Does not work, the learn button in the settings panel does not recognise anything when I push something on my X1 MK3. The drop down menu is empty with a weird grey box. Is this a bug? Do you also experience this behaviour? Here is a screenshot for clarification:


    Where is the manual for my X1 MK3?


    All my encoders are spongy and do not feel right, they are not "crisp" while turning, they sometimes even stay in a middle position when you turn them really really slowly and next time you move them they will snap... I am unbelievably disappointed. Anyone else disappointed?


    I absolutely hate that shift + LOOP encoder will shift the LOOP at Loop Length and not by 1 beat. And since the controller manager does not work, i can not even overmap this behaviour to shift by 1 beat by default. This is driving me crazy. I'll open a support ticket to get help.

    By the way here are my specs: Macbook Air M2 13" @ Ventura 13.5.2 // Traktor Pro 3.10 Build 71 // Controller Editor 2.8.2 // There is no other software installed on this Macbook than Traktor Pro 3 since it is only used for DJing and nothing else. Completely clean install of Ventura.

  • nachopenades
    nachopenades Member Posts: 159 Pro

    -At launch you can only make modifications to the page that you have enabled in preferences. What is happening to you is normal. They have announced that they will enable it soon.

    -The manual will be shared today on the web.

    -Patience, they have announced that overmapping will soon be possible.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,512 Expert

    That sounds like X1 and F1 encoder but the K2 isn't much better also. The best encoder is on the Maschine Jam, they should just use those instead.

  • Friedemann_NI
    Friedemann_NI Product Team Posts: 72 mod

    Thank you for pointing this out. I will try to give you some background information.

    Ableton LINK comes from the production world and applies the exact same phase to all its clients. This is done by regularly re-synching the clients's master clocks to the centralized LINK phase. This is not a problem, if Traktor is used like a DAW with all decks beat-synched to its Master Clock.

    The problems arise, when using Traktor Decks in Tempo Sync mode as they will no longer follow the small phase adjustments of the Master Clock and thereby accumulate an offset over time.

    Providing the benefits of both worlds: manual nudging like in Tempo Sync mode and also ongoing corrections of offsets in the LINK network is not a trivial task and we have so far not made this a priority. But we hear you and have the ambition to eventually also solve this issue, because we believe it will enable fantastic hybrid setups going beyond what's possible today.

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