Kontakt 7 and Certain Third Party Libraries

the_cursor Member Posts: 4 Member

Hi. When I try to add Sonus Dept.'s Ritual Kontakts library into the new browser, I get the following:

FYI, it listed every file in the library. Also, they are all *.nki files. The library contains no other file types. I tried adding the Industry library (also all *.nki files) and got the same response. As I was on the way to thinking it was a Sonus Dept. problem, I added the Empyrealm library (which has a couple of different files types) with no problems.

I should say I am able to access and work with Ritual Kontakts and Industry using the old school instrument rack view.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem or am I just going to have to accept that certain libraries won't be displayed in the new browser? Thanks.


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