New deal: Get iZotope's MUSIC PRODUCTION SUITE 4.1 with KOMPLETE 13



  • PK The DJ
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    IMO the confusing part is the statement that MPS4.1 contains "over 30" audio plugins when the iZotope product page shows 11.

  • iNate
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    Ozone and Neutron have their own modules available as individual plug-ins in the Advanced version. Like 9 for Neutron and over 10 for Ozone. Also, RX 9 Standard has like 10+ individual plug-ins.

    The number of discrete plug-ins is easily over 30...

    Actually, it's probably closer to 50 since I'm counting 45+ between Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus, RX 9 Standard, Stutter Edit 2, VocalSynth 2, Tonal Balance Control 2, Insight 2, etc.

    One product can contain more than one plug-in :-P I think you are conflating the two.

    This bundle is amazing. For the price of Ableton Live Suite, many people can get Komplete 13 + MPS 4.1 and have everything they need and more, added onto a very cheap DAW like Cakewalk by BandLab or REAPER. If they need a MIDI COntroller, they can get an M32 or A49 while it's bundled with Komplete Select and basically get the controller for free due to the upgrade discount to Komplete 13 + MPS 4.1.

    I feel like it came a bit late, though. They needed to launch this immediately upon announcing the partnership. iZotope has too many sales, so people often can get most of MPS 4.1 for exponentially lower costs than MSRP by simply grabbing almost all of that during sales - which seem never-ending, at this point...

  • iNate
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    RX 9 is M1 Native. Ozone and Neutron I believe are next, with the rest following later.

    This is why I returned my M1 MBP and got a Windows notebook. I just knew many vendors would have dragged their heels on this, and I don't really want to have to deal with that.

    It also forces more PC maintenance on you, because instead of being lazy with updates and getting them when a problem may arise or a new OS requires it, you know I'd be checking the product managers, etc. every other day wishing for updates to pop up. Lol.

    I'd rather not!

  • BIF
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    Wait, let me get this got rid of a BRAND NEW M1 MBP because you didn't want to deal with applications that are being converted to M1 native but in the meantime still run fine under Rosetta? You got rid of a new laptop that pretty much NEVER gets hot? Never spins up its fans, and therefore never makes noise during recording or mixing? Never uses more than its fair share of power?

    You don't HAVE to upgrade "every other day" if you don't want to! Jeez, just don't go to the portal but once a month. Or once a year if it's truly THAT painful for you to do updates!

    But that makes no sense at all and I think you just said you got rid of your M1 MBP because you thought it would sound like you really meant...something something?

    Well, I have an M1 MBP 16" with the M1 Max, 64 GB RAM, and all the things. And I think y'all just might have to bury it with me when I die. Just as long as one of you on here digs me up periodically to recharge the battery and do updates for me as more and more apps go M1 Native. Hey, at least it won't get hot in the grave with me; I'd just hate that! 🤣

    Now if only I can find some way to get to my $199 deal. What a steal!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @nolubez confirming that the bundle you saw in our email is the one on iZotope's website. It's a private offer for those who subscribed to NI newsletter, so the offer is only available via email. The reason why you don't see it appearing in My Offers is perhaps a limitation on our web shop's part since iZotope's bundle is technically not NI's - the same reason why you can't install them through Native Access.

    Hopefully the user experience will be more smooth in the future if there are plans to merge the two web shops. 🤞

  • CarrieM
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    deleting since I have been helped by izotope..

  • Jezric
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    Thanks Kaiwan, it's a good deal and I did end up getting it. Yes +1 for Izotope products to be folded into NI product webpages and Native Access! Too many product/download/activation portals/apps!! :D

  • gamelanpan
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    I also would love Native Access capability to authorize any Izotope products. I'll buy something useful from Izotope just to say thankyou, when that happens.


  • Matt_NI
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    We totally need a unified system to install all the products. Native Access or something else.

  • Foobucket
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    Hey Matt, I'm an owner of Komplete Ultimate 13 CE and have been since it came out years ago. I never received an email for my iZotope MPS 4.1 key or anything else. Can you assist? I have a serial in my account, but I can't activate it in Native Access or on iZotope's site (where I also have an account).


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