Problem Kontakt 7, drums groove browser and sidebar missing

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1.) Under each icon in the side bar are the instrument selections missing. Normally there is a collapsible menu under the instrument icon to select the desired instrument. I do not have this menu and can not select an instrument from there. I have to open the library window.

Img no menu

img library window

2.) Kontakt 7 groove browser is empty for all abbey road drums and studio drummer. To check it, I have uninstalled "Abbey Road 50s Drummer" (windows installer) and reinstalled via Native Access without success.

img drumset (example for Studio Drummer)

3.) In Kontakt 6 I have no problems. In the image below you can see the menu of instruments in the side pane and the groove browser.

img Kontakt 6


  • LostInFoundation
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    It seems your Kontakt 7 is not seeing the libraries contents. Did you check in its settings what is listed under Libraries?

  • JorgeMCS
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    Thank you for your reply.

    In Native Access I have the following paths. The drive "Y:" is my external storage.

    The installation path for eg. Abbey Road 50's points to the correct folder on drive "Y:". The MIDI folder for the grooves seems to be ok.

    In Kontakt 7 I have opened the containing folder. It's correct.

    I have opened 50's Drummer over the files grooves

    Any ideas?

  • JorgeMCS
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    In Kontakt 6 the folder is the same as in Kontakt 7...and it's working:


    I have now round about 1 TB Data managed in Kontakt. I do not want to reinstall everything over a week or more.

  • JorgeMCS
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    The Native Access has suddenly only 104 items from over 230. No Error messages. After booting the PC and starting NA, NA seems to make a self update. This happens, as I remember, only when there is a new release to install.

    I think the whole system is muddy. Maybe I reinstall NA and Kontakt 7.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JorgeMCS for the Native Access missing products, please check this thread: Only Kontakt 7 Player / Reaktor 6 Player shows up in Native Access

    I believe you are experiencing this issue here: Products missing in Native Access

    Please try the steps and let's see if it also solves your issues in Kontakt itself!

  • JorgeMCS
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    Thank you for your reply. This is not the problem. The problem is, that the databases is not synchronized or not properly created / updated.

    1.) I have uninstalled NA and Kontakt 7 on Windows Level.

    2.) I opened AR 50's Drummer (and others) with "Komplete Kontrol" and the groove browser showed all available grooves. I detected that Komplete Kontrol did a rescan after the start, because it took more time to start and showed an appropriate message.

    3.) I installed NA and all 231 items where listed.

    4.) I installed Kontakt 7 over NA and the library window showed this...

    and the instrument window shows that...

    I can only start an instrument over the files pane. After Kontakt 7 installation the groove browser in the AR Drums are empty again.

    5.) I think the database in this Folder...

    C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Kontakt 7\komplete.db3

    is not created properly. The new release on the 2023-07-20 should fix the resource container...

    ...maybe it's not properly working.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Thank you for your reply. This is not the problem. The problem is, that the databases is not synchronized or not properly created / updated.

    There is an ongoing issue with Native Access not showing all products, separate from your issue with Kontakt, I was just addressing that with the link I posted.

    You have chosen to install your content on the very root of your Y drive, we would recommend to install on a folder placed after the drive letter, somethng like Y:\NI Libraries

    Then reinstall the problematic library.

  • JorgeMCS
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    I've made some investigation.

    The Result is a faulty Kontakt 7 for handling specific network shares.

    In my case, the DAW (fl Studio 21) and the Komplete 14 system are running in a Virtual Box (vbox). The libraries are installed on a USB drive that was connected over shared folders to vbox. Inside vbox they are handled as a network share.

    Kontakt 6 was working and Kontakt 7 has had big problems (see above). In my last message you see an empty library window. This is caused by a broken database for Kontakt 7. I could not regenerate the database, the only possibility was to copy the komplete.db3 from Komplete Kontol to Kontakt 7. I took a look inside the databases, they are similar. That did not solve the issue with the instrument selection in the side pane.

    With the process monitor from Sysinternals I have figured out that there is an unhandled error in accessing the directories on my library drive. In the attached file you can see the log created while try to open the instruments menu in the side pane for Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 7.

    In the log, row 66, is an error INVALID PARAMETER for FileInformationClass:FileIdExtdDirectoryInformation without any information for the user. This behavior is not new, this is discussed in Stack Overflow, (cannot post links)

    This error makes a lot of troubles and headache. It occupied me several days. I have solved this problem for now. I've integrated the disk as a USB drive in vbox but it seems to be very slow, slower than before.

    I hope that your developers can fix this anyway.

    I forgot to mention that everything is working as expected (except the speed).

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JorgeMCS Thanks for the update. Good that you mention network share as we don't recommend using network drives: Notes on Network Drives and Disk Formats

    I'll pass on the information to the devs anyway. Thanks for the input.

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