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Maybe its on me for not being "professional", but a significant majority of my audio is in mp3 form. Rips, recordings, sample packs, all of it. Honestly I haven't even touched sampling with my Mk3 because of this. I wanna mess with some of my rips without having to convert, or at least would like to have a way where it will open and convert the mp3 into wav automatically. Thoughts?


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    Can't say if there's a plan to implement this. You can use the free Audacity program to convert mp3 to wav.

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    Or you may play it in any player and using virtual audio cable SW record it to Maschine.

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    I think it is time to say NO to this ****** thing and remove this destructive format from everywhere. Mp3 it destroys the sound, you lost frequencies, the quality is degraded, we say this for over 20 years and they still use it!!!

    There is FLAC, which is the absolute perfect format. It is lossless, meaning the files can be compressed but the end result experiences no information is lost. The listening experience and quality are retained for the audience. As much as half of the original file size can be reduced making this format popular for computer users. It has an open source history dating back to 2001. The FLAC is scale-able from 3 to 32 bits per sample as well as a sampling rate between 1 Hz and 655,350 Hz. 

    Since FLAC is all about mathematically lossless compression, FLAC files are lot smaller than corresponding PCM-encoded WAV files (or MAC AIFF).

    Note: Back in the early 00's there was the excuse of the limited hard discs sizes. Today, where disc have terabytes, with really cheap prices, the above excuse is meaningless and no longer valid.

  • Sunborn
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    You can not convert mp3 to wav. For 3 good reasons:

    • There is absolutely nothing to gain in a matter of quality, The frequencies that, due to encoding, get lost, they are gone forever and they can not restored.
    • The quality become even worst than the original mp3.
    • You end up with a file that uses 5 times (or more) its size, and that size is just empty space.
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    Sometimes it’s all workflow and convenience, sound is last to some. But a situation is a situation so NOW NOW NOW, did you send it yet? Type. I want MP3 export also, just out of convenience sake.

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    I only use WAV / AIFF since years. Messing about with FLACs is unnecessary with today's cheap storage

    You can use tools such as zynaptiq unchirp to "recorver" fidelity from mp3 files

  • Sunborn
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    1- It is not a matter of cheap storage. On the contrary FLAC is superior to every case compared to WAV/AIFF. Well, at least for a professional DJ. I wrote an article 3 years ago, please have a look.

    2- About the "recovered fidelity from mp3 files", sorry that's fake news. The " improved result" is just optical, not acoustic. You can do the same thing with an Exciter, if you know how to work properly with it. Both ways are recovering "possibilities" (frequencies), not the actual original sound.

    Eric Rabb:

    "workflow and convenience, sound is last to some". Then, no wonder why 90% of today's music is a total ******... Sound, is always the first to come, at least for those who want to be on a professional level.

  • tetsuneko
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    you do you. I've had FLAC files corrupt on me, never again. AIFF handles metadata and album art just fine, and since it is truly lossless and linear PCM, file errors do not cause the whole file to become unplayable

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    Mp3? Please don’t waste resources on this “feature” request.

    OP, find a batch converter and you can convert your whole library at once. Studio One has a batch converter add on. (And then just use WAV going forward).

  • Reed
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    I am fully aware that MP3 is not the best format, it is just the most common for me, and even simple drag and drop file conversion is just too inconvenient for me considering I do my sampling elsewhere and use Machine more for fun. IDC if its MP3 compaibility, or auto WAV conversion, I just would like to scroll through and remix my Traktor files and see what the Maschine is capable of.

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    one way to get around the whole MP3 conversion... is by using a virtual audio port... and then you can route from an external player.. like traktor/vlc..directly into the maschine inputs and then record&chop the parts you need

    alternatively you could purchase Serato sample VST, drop n drag your mp3s til your hearts content

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    @Sunborn said: "You can not convert mp3 to wav"

    Yes you can. OK there won't be an audible improvement, but it will allow Reed to use his files.

  • Sunborn
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    I didn't say "you can not". Well, "technically" i said it, but i think it was obvious what i meant and explained it in details. I said that it is pointless, and as you mention, it doesn't make an mp3 "better".

    You know, when you cut a part of a phrase, usually you also twist the meaning (a tactic that many "journalist" use on Mass Media, for... obvious reasons). ^_^

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