Making a parameter automatable for Reaktor 6 VST in a VST host ?

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Hi there, I read (a lot) about exposing parameters to the VST host.

Still confused.

I'd need to expose the mute parameter of Newscool.

Does someone would help here?



  • Kymeia
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    Assuming you have the full version of Reaktor turn EDIT on and right click on the Mute and go to Mute properties. Select the Connect tab and at the bottom you can see where automation Ids are assigned. There you can click the box to enable automation for that param and assign it a number and if you want a custom name.

    However just looking at that ens now I can see that Mute is already exposed for automation so I'm not sure why you are not seeing it (sometimes that happens if the number is too high for some hosts but it is assigned 32 which should be fine)

    In Komplete Kontrol that param is not being used in the NKS version but it is available to be added

  • julienbayle
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    No host limitations problem.

    It is already assignated with an ID. This is related with Max ID, stuff, thing.

    I'm more on my way with Max framework than Reaktor design for sure 😅

  • Leamucho
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    did you manage to do it?

    In my case I use REAPER: I put the automation mode on write, so anytime a parameter changes from Reaktor, it gets automatically exposed... I remember it is somehow like that on Live... I guess it can be more of a DAW thing...

  • Kymeia
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    That depends on the param being available though (ie 'exposed' to the host). The question here was how to expose params that are not exposed by default, to do that you need to edit the ensemble as described above, and also make sure that automation Ids are well organised as some hosts don't like above a certain limit (Live is one of those) - in situations like that you may need to sort/compress automation IDs or prioritise what to expose in the ens design (better - less random than sorting). Also not everything can be assigned for automation.

  • Leamucho
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    Umm yes, I see what you mean on a more general approach... but really, some DAWs like Reaper tend to be really amicable for that sort of stuff... I don't think reaper puts you limitation on the issue... look at a two step on reaper for the mute to appear as an envelope:

    I'm with you with the edit stuff, compressing Ids, and etc... in fact, just doing what you said, exposing it going into Edit /connections, if you press off the AUTOMATION-ENABLE it would go out of being recorded on the automation lines, but still there...

    @julienbayle if you are working with Max for Live, it can be possible to make that mute parameter a Midi Out controller or whatever, and you can map it from Max as a Midi message sent from the reaktor ensamble. but you have to do the midi connections available between the channels involved.

    Although if you are passing a midi controller to a parameter on Live, I suggest you also put ON the 2 types of connections on the Midi page of Live for your apparatus: controller and (I've forgotten the other check's name) the other, because if not available as both, CC's generally don't reach.

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