Root note is not assigned on samples in expansion

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Any NI Maschine Expansion creators in this forum?

Have a few questions. For one, how come the root note is rarely assigned on samples? For instance, it will say Blah Blah Loop Bbm 130pm but when you look at the zone info, the root note is a C?! I thought the whole purpose of the root there was so you could assign it some everything would be in key? With that not being set, I have to transpose it myself. I not a newbie but I'm not Beethoven either, lol.

It would be great if you guys could start fixing that for use.




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    The sound design team does not hang around the forum.

    No, that's not its purpose, in the case of a Loop it's in C3 so it plays in the pitch it was meant to; If a loop/sample is in Bbm using a C3 root note will play it in Bbm - if the root note was say A#2 then it would be pitched down 2 semitones and no longer be a Bbm, it would be in Abm/G#m.

    For a single and simple sample/loop the root note also defines what pitch will be used in Pad Mode.

    Root note in the Zone Menu is mainly meant for multi-samples, where each sample has an actual Zone they play in, in the case of the screenshot this patch has a D2 zone that also covers adjacent notes in it's range, so it must have root note info.

    In other words, the example above is a single note, D2, by using D2 as root note the software know the other adjacent notes in the given range need to be transposed but a D2 on the "keyboard" will play the original pitch/sample.

    To put a Loop in key just transposing normally without using the Zone is more practical.

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    I am mean, it makes sense since not all chords start on the root (ie inversions, etc). But, it looks like they are taking heed to the root note on samples in general. I just bought a new expansion today and it is set correctly.

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    Well because that's a single note sample (or chord?), A#, so when you press the keyboard C you will get an A# instead, so every note in keyboard mode would be wrong... to correct for that the root is set to A#3. A loop on the other hand like in your original example may contain several notes, chords, fit with many scales, and overall is not meant to be played chromatically.

    I don't understand the association you're making with chords, the root is the same regardless of voicing. In Music theory, Root Note is what establishes the tonality of a key, chord, or scale.. But in samplers, it's what establishes in what pitch the audio is played, regardless of the audio's content.

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