Komplete Kontrol GUI bug and hardware issues (S88 MK2)

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I've recently purchased an S88 MK2 that I'm using with Ableton Live 10 (version 10.1.43). When I load up the VST3 plugin I get a GUI bug that I've seen mentioned in other posts here (image "GUI bug"). When I switch to another track and get back to the plugin or close it down to open it up again the plugin window gets cut out (image GUI bug 2).

I'm currently in contact with NI support team, but we've had no success so far sorting this issue out. See below the things I've tried so far.

  • There are no issues with my windows scaling settings (set to recommended settings at 100%).
  • I've tried unplugging one of my two monitors
  • I've re-installed Ableton
  • Tried disabling "Auto Scale Plug-in window" in Ableton
  • Reinstalled my graphics card drivers
  • Made sure the scaling of Live is not overridden by a user setting

As annoying as the GUI bug is, what's even worse is that my hardware doesn't work as it should either. When I load the Komplete Kontrol VST3 I can initially browse through the plugins using the S88, choose sounds and plugins, record etc. Everything seems to work as it should. But as soon as I move to another track in my project (using either my computer or the S88 knobs) or press the "Mixer" button on the S88 I can't return to the plugin (pressing "Browser" or "Plugin" doesn't work) and the hardware gets into a frozen state where all I can do is highlight my tracks in the mixer view. The lights on the keyboard gets frozen too.

The only way to fix it is by closing and re-opening the plugin again.

Has anyone had the same issue? Could these two issues be connected?

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MarcBrave Your issue is related to a couple of bugs regarding graphic of Komplete Kontrol in Ableton (and unfortunately for other DAWs): KBDSW-7495 and KBDSW-7103.


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