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    Like making the S-Series MKIII standalone with touchscreens and integrating some pads (like Maschine) onto it. I'd literally sell my car for one if that was a real piece of hardware as the S61 MKII is my main piece of hardware and it was the best €1,500 (bought it as soon as it came out) I had ever spent. I can see NI going there considering the stand-alone functionality of Maschine+, however if it were integrated into the MKIII version of the S-Series keyboards then it'd be unrivalled.

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    Not a fan of the Logo (although I've seen worse); its bland and looks similar to a few others out there (eg the RI initials that make up the 'River Island' logo amongst others). Not a fan of the font either. Both are something of 'trend-style' that a lot of companies who have undergone rebranding have chosen and I feel like it's something that would ultimately be regretted/changed.

    Why not hold a competition and let the people who use the hardware/genuinely love Native Instruments do the designing, submit their results and then get people to vote on it? Designer of the winning Logo and Font wins an S-Series or a Maschine+ with some vouchers.

    I can definitely submit a few ideas. Let me know if you'd be open to this as a possibility.

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    I have to concur. At first glance it seemed cool but after reviewing it for a bit, I have to say "no" to the logo. Take a Look at the KOMPLETE KONTROL logo. The "R" made sense that way. This new way appears awkward. There kerning is off and therefore doesn't appear modern, it appears accidental. The "V" is trying to be consistent with the NI feel but it creates an illusion of cropped.

    Sorry Guys.

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    Nah. Seems like a common design trend. Waldorf recently got a similar logo.

    Not a fan either. It looks inexpensive, to put it that way. Something literally anyone could do in 5 minutes. I don't really like the font of the Native Instruments lettering either. Both a downgrade from how it was before. But, there are more important things anyway. 😉

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    If I may suggest something, why not open a Discord server for casual music talk, plugins, share ideas and work, etc?

    Leave this place for resolution of problems.

    Thanks for your service. Moderators are really helpful to the rest of the community.


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    A big NO to any idea of a Series MKIII standalone of ANY kind. That is a dead end to any sort of reasonable parity with a desktop experience.

    Any forward path for NI controllers should focus on:

    1) high-quality build

    2) state-of-the-art "performance data" generation (MPE and such)

    3) Elegant integrations with desktop GUI and iPad GUI.

    4) Optional integration of audio interface I/O

    That's the smart path for NI's future

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    I miss the original Logo!! To me was one of the most beautiful logos in the Music Production world.

    now has become an ininteligible Logo.

    It looks like the KIA, but in the cars the new Kia logo looks modern and nice.

    I would kept the old one Logo with just some glowing details or more vibrant color. Just some light change.


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    maybe the new logo was designed by an AI:

    Highly confident in what it delivers, yet with with occasional hallucinations.

    Arguably that's quite on brand for NI. 😉

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    ** poof **

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    Moderators are part of the victims not where I put blame on. You (mods) have the worst part in fact trying to accomodate users anger with minimum resources or control power over management board. You got feedback from us from old and new “platform” but it’s clear your movements are limited…

    Solutions? Starting for stating clear those limits but then someone gets fired if that info breaks the limits themselves and so on.

    There is no solution. IMO NI switched user target long ago and it’s trying to implement changes without losing old user base most of the time hiding that fact even to mods (to a certain degree)

    With the old forum NI lost advanced users who decided to jump tired of promises and lack of transparency… but it should be ok on excel to who manages since things are going on with minimum changes. Aknowledge active users in this new platform is a good change but it couldn’t be a moderators replacement or expertise (power users hired by NI in the past for blogging etc) alternative but it seem the lay off workers contraction also hit these. Recently with the “ask the developers” and so things seem better but the forum has become that pseudo knowledge base with popularity rewards which courages some users but discourage some others… IMO of course.

    It was done but not too much movement neither. All beautiful efforts from D-One but end on these limits I point.

    Users asking for logo competition is another proof of what I’m saying. People asking to participate but management (not mods) has its own plan and users aren’t important to them (or maybe actual users? Maybe they are waiting for users who came with the new logo?)

    The same for hardware suggestions, software suggestion (almost traktor got a wishlist>implement system…)

    I left and came back almost two times but my next time will be definitive. I don’t feel being the NI user target anymore and it’s a shame because I was probably on the limit of new target (Traktor Dj2 was promissing) but I will not wait until Traktor Pro catches iPad again (or need to buy an M1 mac to get realtime stems meanwhile I can get those with Vdj since long ago or Djay Pro on iPad)

    New hardware doesn’t interest me neither. I believe S8/D2 were great ideas bad implemented.

    Train lost.

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    Can confirm the new logo looks very nice on a hardware 😬

    Pretty surprised lots of people have issues with the "R"!

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    IMO it can afford to be abstract because NI is already a name many people in the industry recognize. The big departure from the old logo however probably comes as a surprise to many but I think it better represents where we are now as a company. I felt attached to the old logo as well tbh.

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