What to do about losing the deck FX on the S3

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Evening all,

So I've finally gone and done it. I've just ordered a Traktor Kontrol S3 and I'm very excited about the possibility of being able to control all four decks "normally" rather than having to suboptimally fiddle about with the trackpad - which works, indeed I did a 3 deck techno mix for the radio last night that was with my S2 Mk2.

So that's all good, but it does mean that I will lose hardware access to the "deck FX" which I'm used to, in favour of getting these new "mixer FX" which from what I can tell are easier to use but far more limited. I don't use any of them excessively but there are a couple which I like to have, notably a solid delay/reverb/turntable FX especially for transitions between tempo.

Bearing in mind that I'm looking into getting into pretty hardcore mapping and designing my own custom FX chains and whatnot anyway, how would you approach this whole "issue"? Ignore it? Remap the bits I want to the mixer FX knobs? Or is there some outboard controller that you would recommend? I've had the X1 and the Midifighter Twister both mentioned in this context.

What do you all reckon? I'm open to all sensible suggestions. Thank you kindly in advance.


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    I already linked the Ultimate FX Thread in Traktor Mappings Facebook group :) Good place to get ideas and start with mapping your effect chains.

    I like Twister because it is an encoder with ring indicator support which means I can snap multiple parameters at once with a single press of the button (just like motorized faders would do).


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