Update Manager: Reaktor 6.4.3 installer for download

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Please add the Installer for Reaktor 6.4.3 to this list:

Maschine+ users need to have access to this version in order to create compatible ensembles.


  • Kymeia
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    Yes that site needs keeping uptodate - it does say:

    Updates for all current NI products are only available via NATIVE ACCESS, including all current instruments and effects, KOMPLETE 10-13 bundles, MASCHINE 2 software, Expansions, and TRAKTOR PRO 2/3. 

    Updates for all older/legacy products can be found on this page (login required). 

    If only the current version is available through NA then logically this list should include the most recent updates, not just those from a few years ago - otherwise it is not 'all older/legacy products' but just some of them

  • LostInFoundation
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    What did I told you? They don’t provide previous installers…

    “No they haven't - legacy installers have always been available. It's just current products you need Native Access for and even then you can for example find earlier installers for Reaktor 6, just not the most recent”

    As you can see, they DID stop providing previous installers

    I second ozon request. In this case, NI can’t even talk about legacy product, since Maschine + still runs this version

  • Kymeia
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    That’s what i said, unless someone has changed the meaning of the word ‘recent’ it means the latest versions other than the current one (ie certainly I was referring to 6.4.3) They do still provide earlier versions but just not the most recent ones anymore which contradicts what it says on that page

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