How to fix an issue of repeated notes not playing back?

DouweSweelinck Member Posts: 5 Member

I use Dorico 4 Pro + Kontakt 7.1.5 + Spitfire Solo Strings Cello.

Windows 10.

Whenever a note immediately repeats, with no gap between the notes in the piano roll (but also no overlap), every repetition is just skipped. So, even with consecutive repetitions, only the first note is played.

[see picture] The midi moderator does NOT show a "Note On", it only shows a "Note Off" at the start of the skipped notes; all controller values afterwards are set to 0.

Changing the "Accept All Notes on/off" setting in the Instrument Options doesn't change anything. Increasing DFD preload buffer size doesn't change anything.

I think the problem is in Kontakt because this problem doesn't occur when using midi or Halion Sonic with different instruments.


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