Is the plan REALLY to install all libraries under one folder???



  • iNate
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    I already stated that this is the obvious workaround, but I cannot be bothered to go through now and try it. It took me 11 hours of sitting in front of my computer and manually installing each package one by one. I'm done with Native Instruments and their software on that machine for at least a few more days.

  • Kymeia
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    Yeah the obvious workaround is a nice one but if I install an update and have set install path in NA to my SSD will it place the update on that or follow the path set by relocation?

    Really how hard would it be for NA to have different paths for sample content and presets/ensembles?

  • Kubrak
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    It will place the update to the location where it is currently installed. So, no problem to have content placed at many locations. I have it like that for two years and no problem.

    One may install content as he wishes, in folder structure, on several discs. I have used the both.

  • iNate
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    Correct. But what is needed:

    1. Uninstall Function for Packages (on macOS - or both, platforms... it's just easier on Windows cause Add/Remove Programs is a thing there)
    2. Granular Install Settings for: Kontakt Libraries, Reaktor Ensembles, Synth Factory Libraries and Expansions
    3. Move Content Function that moves the Library Folders to a Folder of the User's choosing and then does an immediate relocate

    That way, users don't have to futz around with changing content paths when ever they're installing - or any time they acquire new Kontakt from Native Instruments.

    And that's not even talking about the installer bugs on macOS that force you to attend most of the install, wasting HOURS of your time.

  • Kubrak
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    1) Would be nice, but on Win it is quite OK. And I have audio SW from many companies and no has uninstaller incorporated in management application.

    2) Might help, would be easy to implement....

    3) I guess there is relocate, at least there was in NA1, but one could relocate only everything... More convenient would be to move only selection of products. Also helpfull would be something similar what is in Traktor. If NA2 finds it cannot find certain Libraries, user could point to e folder structure that contains some of them and NA would search that location and pair it with missing. And it could ne done repeadly. Would be easier than goin one by one, which takes pretty much time.

    But, back to the earth. How many times one reorganizes libraries? Once every few years?

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