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So... Heard MPC gang can finally buy a MiniMoog plugin now. 🥱

But let's talk about the expandability of the M+. I'm honestly amazed at how much stuff runs, and how little it's mentioned. There's a couple of posts on here but, yeah. Kinda rekindled my love for it again.

James Peck made this Reaktor ensemble:


This is the modded and M+ ready version:


Octobird's guide is the bible if you're starting out:


I got the autotune, a vocoder, Juno-60, and some other goodies running just fine that I'll keep uploading to the user library granted I get permission from the creators. Sure some of 'em are CPU hogs but honestly - resample that sh and move on. Will put out some more videos of ensembles like this and one going through the setup.

Which ones do you have up and running?


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