Can I remove Komplete Now products from Native Access?

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I was subscribed to Komplete Now, and even though my subscription has expired, it still shows every product. This is super annoying and just causes clutter. Also, it's hard to know which products I actually own, and which ones are Demos. This design just looks terrible.

Has anyone else mentioned this already?

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  • pibi
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    hi !

    on windows 10 , probably same in win 11

    go to win settings

    go to aplications

    klick on ni product you wish to remove, click on right mouse and you get option to uninstall product

    be aware : if product shows NI blue icon- no problem

    if not - uninstal script shows error due to some NI bug and you must REINSTALL and then

    REMOVE it in settings (blue NI icon)

    i did it for some NI product without problem

    send me back comment if all was OK (ad if not !)

  • Jordatory
    Jordatory Member Posts: 6 Member

    hey, thanks for the reply. I am using Mac, so it's a bit different. But anyway, I reset my whole Mac and did a fresh install of NI Access and it still shows all of my previously used products. So, the issue is from their website connection I think.

  • pibi
    pibi Member Posts: 8 Member

    ! good.

    sombody reads the msgs !

    It is a must to conect original disc of NI sw - UL10 or 11 or 13, it will show all products on disk with small icon and all these product don need to be downaloded again, it will install them from disk

    I have 244 pruducts , 70 new and + 27 of arturia and is real mess to control all of them.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Jordatory I see that our support team has removed Komplete Now from your account already.

    For anyone with similar issue, you can actually manually uninstall the products included in Komplete Now: How to Uninstall Native Instruments Software from a Mac Computer and they won't show up on your Native Access anymore.

  • hivetraum
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    Maybe you will just add normal button that can remove product automatically? It's really silly that you have launcher that can install something, but after that can't remove this

    This instruction that you provided not so easy and not so helpful, cause i tried this instruction to remove some demo products and i couldn't. I'm not the dumbest guy, i'm software developer and I'm a little bit lazy to do things like this, that's why i paid money for this product to get convenient service. And also as a software developer i can say that the right way to do it for you as a company is to provide normal way to remove products

    For example i have this 2 products that:

    • i can't remove
    • i can't install
    • i can't update

    But they always included to update queue when i'm clicking "Update all", what the hell?

  • QuaZimodo
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    Same here, jumped from Komplete Now to Komplete Start and the complete Komplete Now subscrition are shown in Access an this sux... why is there no hide or remove button?

    And NO i cant remove a red or blue icon cause i uninstalled these files and they wont shown under application...


  • Baptistmann
    Baptistmann Member Posts: 13 Member

    @Kaiwan_NI please let us know when this will be resolved I agree with @hivetraum we should be able to remove the demos with a single click.

  • Grezure
    Grezure Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Hello, I have the same issue. I have uninstalled the programs in Add/Remove Programs and deleted the Library.

    How can I remove Battery Now Library and others that were used for Komplete Now? Same as hivetraum's screenshot above.


  • Baptistmann
    Baptistmann Member Posts: 13 Member

    @Jeremy_NI Ive have taken @Kaiwan_NI 's advise above and manually deleted everything from "Now" but they still exist in NA as DEMO and there is no way to get rid of them.. please assist.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,965 mod

    @Baptistmann For this kind of issues please get in touch with my colleagues here:

  • Baptistmann
    Baptistmann Member Posts: 13 Member

    @Jeremy_NI will do

  • Jonte303
    Jonte303 Member Posts: 1 Member

    I also came here to find a solution on how to remove the komplete now from native access. I have removed everything but it still shows as demo and its making it hard to see what I have actually own. I want to get rid of the demos and everything that might just stop if I use it by mistake

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