Quick Question: Will Empire Breaks be on Komplete Now

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Definitely my vibe, but I want to avoid buying it, if it's going to be a part of the subscription.🤔


  • Monochrome
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    Well, do you want to own it a) forever or b) as long as the subscription is active?


    • If you buy it now (as a non-subscription product), you'll own it forever.
    • If it's going to be part of Komplete Now eventually, you won't own it forever: As soon as your subscription runs out, you can't use any of the products that are included anymore - unless you renew.
  • JCChaconJr
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    This is my dilemma, especially now that I have upgraded to Komplete Ultimate 13. I just bought Mother Board with the $25 E-Voucher I received with the upgrade, and it got me wondering whether it will be included in Komplete 14. I have another voucher to use, and I am stressing out about it, lol. I suppose I can wait until October-ish to find out (lots of people are anticipating 14 this year).

  • Nico_NI
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    We obviously cannot reveal what's going to be added to Komplete Now 😉

  • DeepThumb
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    I can't see a benefit from Komplete 14 because it won't provide me more time for music production. IMO time is the limiting factor for most users

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