My Kontakt Stand-Alone Crashes Everytime I Open It, And Kontakt Isn't Showing In Plugins

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I've had kontakt before on a other computer with windows 10 and Ableton Live 10 and have had similar issues but resolved them. Now I got a new computer with windows 11 and Ableton Live 11 and kontakt stand-alone crashes every time I open it. Kontakt doesn't show up in plugins either. I've un/re installed multiple times and restarted my computer multiple times. I have all my plugins on my D-Drive (since it has more space) and made custom kontakt folders. I've also tried installing everything to default and switching my plugins folder on Live 11 to kontakts defualt "VSTPlugins 64 bit" Folder, but the stand alone still crashes and kontakt sill doesn't show up in my plugins. I really don't know what to do, I have been trying to fix this for hours.

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