VST3 support - how is it going?



  • Kubrak
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    I did not mean, that user gets sourcecode. I meant that developer has sourcecode for library to built CLAP plugin. And may to modify it, if needed.

  • Matt_NI
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    The discussion went more into CLAP and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to have a dedicated thread for it in Tech Talks if you want to discuss this further?

    Back on the VST3 topic, I just want to say to everyone that I haven't forgotten about the update and still waiting on the team to give me some more information.

  • coongaman
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    NI is clearly messed up compared to AKAI when it comes to listening to their users.

    AKAI have done some great updates at a very fast pace. Really impressed.

  • awol9000
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    NI was fast in the beginning (versions 1 - 1.9). It was an exciting time. I remember colour pads coming out and VST hosting introduced. It had me checking the old forum everyday.

  • Flexi
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    Lets see how that pans out with $150 plugin add ons that don’t sound anywhere near as good as the plugins built in to Maschine.

    Akai have been very very good with firmware updates and Maschine updates are minimal at best, and not regular, but it does look like Akai are heading towards pay to play.

  • skrutiny
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    3rd party vsts all running fine for me with latest ver of mashine using this wrapper... https://www.xlutop.com/buzz/zip/vst3shell.zip

  • tempsperdu
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    Thanks, I'll have a go, but previous versions of VST Shell can't see some of my VST3 plugins, and I've no idea why.

    It's still incredibly hard to understand why NI are so behind the world and is dog on this, and even harder to understand why they aren't acutely embarrassed by the fact, or seem to care in any kind of way. There are many who think it is an inexcusable way to behave towards their customers.

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 221 Pro

    Apologies, the sharper eyed amongst you will notice in the above post, I made a typo and missed the 'h' off 'his'

    I can't correct it because apparently I'm not allowed to edit after 4 hours. Could anyone please explain to me any kind of valid reason why this is so, and what advantage there could possibly be for anyone involved?

  • Flexi
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    Where does it say that NI are not embarrassed by the fact they are behind the curve with their software updates?

    I know some NI staff, and that is not what they are saying at all, Soundwide don't care would be more accurate, if they could charge you again for VST3 support, it would be more likely to be priority, they are an investment firm, they want returns on their investment, not happy users.

    Like it or not, you have exactly what you paid for, VST2, and that is exactly what they will be thinking, zero embarrassment involved at all.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,595 Expert

    I guess, that describes the situation quite well. And similar/same it might be with M1 support...

    Investors are not charity.... If they spend a cent, they want more than cent in return....

  • nightjar
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    NI's former management deserves 100% of the blame and shame for slow development. All the things causing slow development happened under their decision making.

    Soundwide is at least offering the resources to turn this around. I'd guess there were some messes to clean up that take a bit of time.... sorting through internal strengths and weaknesses....and strategies as needed for projections of the 2023-24 marketplace.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,595 Expert

    Even before NI had inverstors that counted every penny.... Have you forgotten about layouts few years ago?

    I have the feeling I know why it takes so long, but will keep it for myself....

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 366 Pro

    Great news, add me up to the beta if you need testing.

    Any news on PDC? that is just as important.

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