Wheel of death and no more sound by using Pioneer Mixers as Interface with DVS

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As the title already says, I have sometimes complete drop outs at irregular intervals after a longer playing time. The sound stops and Traktor no longer reacts. It can then only be terminated immediately via the Task Manager. The problem only occurs when I play longer, i.e. more than 3 hours.

Unfortunately, the problem cannot be reproduced and there is no Traktor crash report. It only occurs when i play with Pioneer Mixers and their integrated sound card (DVS).

Pioneer Drivers are always the latest // Traktor 3.5.2 // macOS 10.14.6


I only find the Spindump in the Console (Konsole), which probably doesn't help much...

i attached the "hang" file as a .txt file



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    @Ryan_NI Do you know what might be the issue here? 🤔

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    hey @Owner - the steps in the link below usually help with issues like this. if it happens after a specific amount of time, it might have to do with your "Energy Saving" settings in your System Preferences.

    Mac Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

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    thanks for the link, but it doesn't happen after a precise time and it's not due to my system settings.

    do you know if i can find a log file in the console on a mac if traktor hangs, i.e. no longer responds and has to be closed immediately via the task manager? in this case I would otherwise get in touch with the support.

    btw: reading through the knowledge base, i noticed that it is still recommended to turn off the WiFi. Meanwhile, it makes little sense if you use a streaming service such as e.g. Beatsource, right?

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