Traktor official support to Mixars Primo

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Mixars Primo ( is a wonderful piece of hardware! I'm not the only one say that. find below some reviews:

"Mixars has built itself on making hardware that over-delivers on features without costing an arm and a leg... It is hard to find a controller of the Primo’s size and price that can match the features it has. For a DJ like myself who likes to beatmix manually the larger jogwheels and long throw pitch faders makes me reach for the Primo instead of other mid-range controllers" (from Digital DJ Tips,

"The Mixars Primo is a 2 channel Serato DJ Pro mixer with 2 hardware channels, filter FX on the mixer, booth output and an excellent build quality...The Mixars Primo took a long while to arrive after its initial introduction, but it was worth the wait!" (from DJTechZone,

It sounds to me a rock-solid product like those released (years ago...) by Vestax or Rane! Currently, Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Pro fully support this controller.

Is in the plan of the developer team to give the official Traktor support to Mixars Primo?




  • Ryan_NI
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    hey @dj_krono - welcome to the community!

    this definitely looks like a cool piece of hardware, and thanks for sharing this. Traktor currently supports all controllers, one way or another. Either through:

    At this point in time, the Mixers Primo would follow under the "Manual Midi Integration" category. This is supported either through creating your own custom mapping, or downloading mappings already created from third-party sources (e.g.

    Unfortunately, we're not able to comment on whether this is on the roadmap or not, due to how things invariably change when developing a product. However, with these alternative solutions, you should be good to go :)

  • dj_krono
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    Hello @Ryan_NI.

    Am I shoud be good to go? Not at all!

    You know official support means you have a full mapping that exploits all of the characteristics of the software and/or controller.

    I already tried the mapping on DJTechTools, and, it's way far from a stable and optimized solution. Furthermore, it doesn't receive updates since the release date.

    I really appreciate the new community format at Native Instruments. I hope Native Instruments officialy will support a larger set of dj controllers (e.g., like Virtual DJ does), including Mixars Primo. It's very important don't disappoint (longtime) customers, and don't force them to switch to alternative software.


  • Nico_NI
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    Hey Ivan, thank you for the feedback. Although we cannot guarantee anything regarding further controller support, we'll make sure to share this with the Traktor team.

  • dj_krono
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    Really thanks @Nico_NI!

    If the Traktor team needs further details, I will be happy to contribute.



  • Stevan
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    Let me tell you the truth so you don't keep holding your breath about it.

    It won't happen, I've been there. Neither NI or Mixairs want a Traktor Mapping for this controller.

    Your best bet is to look for a custom mapping online or make one by yourself.

  • tsipakos
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    please create a traktor pro 3 mapping for the mixars primo controller!!!

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