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Hi! I am using Reaktor for making music since ages and now i want to try to modify some cool ensemble. In specific i want to add to molekular a random button to randomize parameters in the effects modules and in the modulation section, or to randomise all the parameters, included the choice of the effects, in one click. Another thing is a "lock" button that keeps the parameter or the effect module to stuck even if i change preset. I don't really know if this would be possible, i hope someone here can help me!🙂


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    On every panel element you can de-hook the square for Morph/Random to exclude

    To randomise a single knob you can use this construction

    Use the Connect tab for IC-Send to the knob

    In my monsters I call them Lazy-Buttons

    Like here in TSM 6

    Download it an study the structure, please.

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    Molekular has some problems with randomizations.

    Some of the parameters control the signal flow in one of several possibilities. The 'possibility' is not quantized or selected in a way that only allows valid combinations:

    Here are some snapshots I made for Molekular:

    This is a small bank of snapshots for Molekular.

    They are arranged in a few parts:

    1) test or templates;

    2) unfinished, abandoned experiments (WIP = Work in progress) that I may re-visit

    3) multiple uses of the same DSP unit to get weird depth

    4) Envelope Follower modulations - you will need to adjust input settings and the EF settings to get results

    5) Peculiar stuff

    You should adjust the input level, dry mix and FX level as you see fit as they are not saved in the snapshot.

    Most of these should probably not be mixed with the dry signal - they won't get along nicely.

    Some of these snapshots may cause bugs in Molekular to appear.

    For Frequency Shift bugs, just turn the reaktor clock on and off, for Plagiarism Y-mode bugs, temporarily switch to X-mode and then back.

    I made these as I was exploring the various DSP units and I really didn't have any goal other than to make a mess of things.

    BTW: when Molekular was first introduced I made a long list of bugs and sent them to NI. I'm not aware of them being fixed. Most had to do with the structure being represented as a floating point. The inner structure of Molekular seems to have been a prototype for the Blocks paradigm.

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    Thx alot arachnaut! So this means that is not possible to make a randomization.. and what about a “lock parameter” button? virus ti has this function which allows you to lock a parameter.. it will not change if you move to other presets.

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    Thanks Paul! Do you think would be possible to do this on molekular?

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    It is possible to randomize. One just needs to be aware of bugs.

    Whenever you change presets, the snapshot will restore whatever was saved in all parameters.

    To achieve a lock on a parameter one needs to emulate it by restoring all the locked values. One might need to save these in a snap array or something.

    It isn't easy to do this, but if you are going to do it you may as well implement a randomization control property that will apply the randomization amount on each parameter. Initially, all parameters get 100% randomization. By setting a panel element's factor downwards from 100%, there will be less change or distribution to the randomization. Set to 0% will ignore any change to that panel element.

    When Molekular came out, I spent weeks analyzing it's architecture. It is very bizarre, but forced because of the lack of control of Core from the GUI. Forcing Core to go through Primary for it's I/O leads to structures that one might not normally design.

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    I hope your solution is here

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