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Am I the only one that find some of the instruments color contrast as a usability issue? On some of the instruments the color background is too bright compared to the white text..



  • Chris Shelving
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    Yes, I encountered the same problem, I had to make my own artistic background, respecting the original image as much as possible of the instrument, always with respect to the NI designers for this change, since I have eye problems and it makes my eyes tired and it can aggravate my problem by straining my eyes... I'll send you a video so you can see my work personal... give me a few minutes since I have to record it and upload it...

  • Chris Shelving
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    I have tried to record it as best as possible, but my phone is old and does not record very well, but I show you my idea of how it would be a good way to reflect the plugins and instruments to have a good visual experience, I hope that NI takes this idea into account and I implemented it hehehe... good vibes eeh!!! I have done it because of my problem with my eyes that get tired very easily due to having a lot of contrast and it is difficult to read on those screens... I hope you like it, there are images that I need to finish and make them more beautiful, but little by little since it requires a lot of work and patience...

    Above all my respects to the designers of NI

  • Chris Shelving
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  • Nahum
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    Wow this is super cool! I love how some of the artworks actually reflects the actual UI too!! 🙌

  • Chris Shelving
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    Could there be a possibility of a makeover in Maschine?

    not everyone might like it, but all my friends loved the new image....

  • Olihop
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    Very good work!

    Displaying the presentation text of the expansions is a good idea too 👍️

  • S Righteous
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    I find that the lack of brightness contrast on the pads to be a usability issue for the Maschine+. Well, more specifically a selected group should be way brighter than an unselected group. But I can't tell. I mean if I switch the selected group, I can see that it is a slightly different shade of that color, but nothing jumps out to tell me which group is selected.

    I've sampled into a group I was already using - thereby deleting that group, because I wasn't paying attention, and thought the brightest group was the selected group, but it was just a brighter color.

  • Impermanence
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    Wow. Really good job! Descriptions and all!

  • Tony Jones
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    How hard is it to do? Even with no talent I can manage a grey square to replace so e of tge worst offenders. Well done btw!

  • D-One
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    I'm not much of a fan of busy backgrounds but that text info added to the Expansions is pretty cool, also the fact you got rid of the 16 Pad overlay that makes all Expansions look exactly the same is also really cool, I've always hated that.

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