We need a spectral analyzer for Maschine HW (On Screen)



  • Percivale
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    I agree but venture to say a new Hardware is preferred to incorporate all the newer functionalities in a much needed technical refresh for Maschine.

  • nightjar
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    Dreams of such features further reveal the conceptual "flaw" of all NI hardware that has formed with market reality of 2022.

    It no longer is feasible to have the "brains" and display be built into in any sort of hardware controller.

    Hardware controllers should be "dumb" devices optimized for human motor skills and work with tight integration with smart mobile devices providing the "brains" and "display". Best choice for this would would current generation iPad with M1 processor as a baseline for display size and processing power. Would be unified with macOS version development and allow for a MUCH more robust development of features.

  • Kubrak
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    NI would loose more than half customers if their hardware needs iPad to work.... That is real conceptual flaw in your "vision". Do not be so i-centric. There are billions people that do not have iPad and never will want to have.

    It is quite oposite. Displays on HW controllers are pretty handy.

  • tetsuneko
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    I think Eventide Split EQ introduces a lot of latency, not ideal in Maschine which does not have PDC.

    Not sure if the controller refresh rates would be very usable for a spectrogram.. I have no idea how efficient the controller UI protocol is in between Maschine SW/HW.

    While I would not be against a spectrogram in Maschine, I feel like such things are more necessary in DAWs.. which Maschine is not.

  • Kubrak
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    Spectrogram has nothing to do with SplitEQ technology. Maschine SW/HW protocol should be capable to handle spectrogram visualization.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 561 Guru

    Nobody said it did. I was giving my opinion on both of these topics (about SplitEQ & about having a Spectrogram on Maschine).

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,761 Expert

    OK. If one puts SplitEQ on master, or on all groups, no problem that Maschine does not have delay compensation. But yes, it would be better if Maschine has delay compensation....

  • D-One
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    edited April 2022

    The refresh rate seems fine for the meters in the Mixer Menu for example.

  • ShelLuser
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    edited April 2022

    I'm not too sure about this tbh.

    First though, I barely used this myself (even briefly wondered since Spectrum and EQ3 do nothing) but yah. EQ8. Thing is though: the main reason that kinda works is because of Push' wide display. Maschine's displays are way smaller, as such it will end up kinda cramped up. Not too sure how helpful that'd be.

    More importantly though... this is not going to end well for your performance.

    I mean... there's a good reason why this only works with EQ8 (most people I know settle for EQ3 for common usage) and while the Compressor also uses graphic feedback it's not in real time. Never wondered how much extra resources all this requires? I suggest you look into that ;)

    You do realize that graphics on the controller are managed by the software, right? And graphics on both the controller and computer screen require extra effort, thus resources.

    Sorry but... not a fan of this. Just look at the task manager when you replace EQ3 for EQ8 with Push active.

    Not to mention... why not trust your ears over your eyes?

  • djadidai
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    “Why not trust your ears instead of your eyes” is exactly why I still play with mp3 cds when I dj and not usb sticks. I do have an s4mk2, and a x1mk1, put when gigs come I still go cd. Even in the studio I close my eyes and tweak the eq first before activating the analyzer in Logic.

  • TheLoudest
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    I don't see much visual feedbacks ("in real time") on the maschine screens for now...

    not even for recorded automations!

    so a spectral analyzer seems very far...

    but it would be very cool (of course)

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