Maschine Controller MOD Button Assignment

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I've been looking everywhere but haven't been able to find out how to make MOD button assignments to specific Maschine parameters. I tried using the MIDI learn button, and I am able to map the Modwheel from my MIDI keyboard controller, but I cannot make it learn the MOD strip from the Maschine mk3 controller. Not sure why this hasn't been possible after all the years this controller has been out, but is there at least some workaround to get this to work?


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    What exactly are you trying to map too? kind of unclear as to exactly what you are trying to achieve... maybe outline a scenario that someone can attempt to replicate?

  • mtamayo
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    Mapping MOD touchstrip to any parameter on the Maschine Sampler, Audio, Drum Synth Kick, Snare, Poly Synth, Internal Native Instruments effects, etc. The Sampler plugin does have built in option to route Modwheel to Sample Start, Cutoff, LFO Depth, and Pan, but that is pretty limited options. I want to be able to map the Modwheel to any available parameter.

    I know for some VSTs, you can assign the Modwheel from within the VST plugin, but I'm trying to map to Maschine specific parameters. Basically anything that has the MIDI Learn button shown like in this screenshot:

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    The MOD Strip emulates the physical mod wheel of a MIDI keyboard, your can't officially map it via MIDI Learn (altho that would be very nice indeed)

    I have a workaround for Mac:

    Setup an "IAC MIDI BUS/Driver" with default parameters, instructions here. Then just use it in both the Sound MIDI Input and Output leaving MIDI Thru On, it will loop back the MIDI and thus allow you to MIDI Map it. On Windows I guess you would need something like LoopBe1 or something.

    Technically this should work with Maschine's virtual MIDI Driver but it does not, maybe due to some sort of loopback protection system, not sure.

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