Is is possible to use Traktor Pro 3 with Pioneer XDJ XZ?

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Hello, I am invited to play at a big club and they are using Pioneer XDJ XZ. Is is possible to use just the laptop with Traktor Pro 3, instead of bringing the S4? I want to be able to use the hot and memory cues I've done on all the songs that I will be playing. I have some stored loops on songs I want to use as well. Not sure if possible and which buttons will reflect those. Other effects I can do from the Pioneer directly. I was thinking to use USB only but the process of converting the tracks to Rekordbox is slower and I like my new Mac :)

Thanks a lot in advance


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  • lord-carlos
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    There is a 3rd party mapping for it:

    But are you sure you want that? I would not trust that without a few hours of testing :S

  • rewind
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    Thanks lord-carlos. I guess I'll try as otherwise I'll have to bring the S4 to the club. Some XDJ's are now compatible so hopefully this one soon.

  • jimmyjamesh
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    Needs dvs timcecode vinyl to work with the soundcard too, there are ways to trick it I believe so surely its possible. (I think you open and close rekordbox or something to trick the xz to work with traktor dvs)

  • Bogdan Ionut Dobrescu
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    Hi guys,

    In general, using Pioneer mixers the sound quality of the NI will be tottaly destroyin because in my opinion, especialy when apply the filters.

    In my opinion there is only way to have the best sound - use CDJ 2000 or CDJ 3000 as controller for deck and A&H Mixer 92 or 96. I’m sure that you’ll have a totaly different experience in sound quality. The only one mixer from Pioneer which is really good is the most expensive V10. Using a Pioneer consola you’ll be forced to accept a digital sound. As you know , Native instruments has many softwares based on the analog sound and instruments . Rekordbox is a ****** . As you know , few weeks ago Pioneer purchase Serato. I supose this happens because NI did not agreed some Pioneer’s conditions long time ago. This is a real explanation why Pioneers continue to develop many gears for Serato and not for Traktor. In conclusion , when you talk about Traktor you should take in consideration a stand alone analog mixer to keep the best sound quality.

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