CRUDE : a simple drone box.

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Hi everyone!

This is CRUDE. A simple, hands-on drone box.


  • Two wavetable oscillators. Each with 84 selectable waves and octave, semitone and fine tune control.
  • Bitcrusher (affecting both Oscillators).
  • Two distortion controls (gain). One for each filter. Can be set to be pre- or post- filter in View B.
  • Two LP filters. One for each oscillator. Filter slope 12db/oct <-> 24db/oct switches available in View B.
  • Three LFO's (one for each filter and one for the output amp) with Amplitude, Frequency (rate) Pulse Width and Wave Select control. Wave select options: 1) Sine 2) Triangle 3) Pulse and 4) Random.
  • Cross fade/mix control between the two post-filter signals from the oscillators.
  • Chorus effect with on/off button, delay, depth and rate control.
  • Master volume control.
  • On/off button. This is NOT a kill switch for the audio signal. Filter feedback and modulation may still be heard when this switch is turned OFF. It functions as a switch between 'Drone Mode' (ON. A constant C2 note from the oscillators) and 'Play Mode'. When turned off, CRUDE is in Play Mode. Keyboard input and ADR envelopes are engaged. Envelope controls available in View B.

Info and descriptions of every control are available with 'Show Info Hints'.


View A:

View B:

View B is sort of an external control box and is under construction. It holds a few extra controls. I have some ideas about expanding CRUDE, and View B will be where these changes are visible.

You can download CRUDE from the User Library here:

Major credit and thank yous to Bolabo a.k.a. David X, who did a rebuild of the oscillators. You should totally check out his stuff in the UL and on his website

Credit and thank yous also to Michal Gasiorowski. The filters are a slimmed down version of his "Screaming Ladder Filter" which is available in the User Library in Blocks format. Send him some coffee money if you like it.





  • Bolle
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    I got a message saying there's no sound coming from the instrument.

    Anyone else have this?

    EDIT: the issue was that i set Reaktor's master volume to zero. I did that because i had to be quiet when i saved the ensemble for upload. And apparently that is saved with the ensemble state? I did not know that. Anyway. I reuploaded it to avoid further confusion.



  • Cal Scott
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    Great 3d render... looks so good i wanna eat it for breakfast

  • Paule
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    Peter, some tests with CRUDE and an advantage using by me.

    autoMorph 2022 and a second bank (for instrument) to use the morphing on autoMorph

    good result

  • Moonbot7000
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    Really nice Instrument, Sounds great, looks gorgeous. What are you using to get it looking so good? Blender?

  • Paule
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    Place autoMorph inside the instrument View B only.

    Set Drone to off and hook in Spiral. Connect MIDI in to CRUDE.

    To get more variations create snap banks with 8 or 16 snapshots and change the bank and range in autoMorph

  • Paule
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    A demo with Spiral in front and PidL at the end.

    autoMorph in the middle part

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