Mikro MK2 not working with Maschine 2

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Any advice is much appreciated:

Mikro 2 is deader than a doornail, purchased Brand New from Sweetwater, the screen turns on and at power-up all the buttons do their color wash. All the buttons also recently turned on and stayed on until I launched Maschine 2. Otherwise, I can only use the software on the desktop, I have zero control or interaction with the Maschine itself, through the Mac or on its little screen.

OSX 10.10.5, Maschine 2.6.9

A colleague came by (who also uses Maschine, and is way more familiar with electronic instruments).

He thought it might be a driver issue, and maybe a different version of the software would do the trick.

We tried other versions of 2--2.0.2, 2.6.8, none of them work. I tried to install 2.7.6 and received the error: Installation cannot proceed, as not all requirements were met. This product requires at least OSX 10.11.

In order to keep everything working within a particular software suite, I'm running a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) with Pro Tools 11.

I picked up a Mikro Mk 2 which I was told would run in this environment with the Maschine 2.6.9 software, but so far no go.


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