Sound design for techno?

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Is sound design with maschine software even possible?? And arranging a good track is kind of difficult and boring


  • djadidai
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    Sound design in Maschine 2 and Maschine+ Is very possible. Arranging tracks is fun and creative. Or equally boring wherever you do it.

  • Sequencesounds
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    I dont want to seem snarky, but if (to name but a few):

    Liam Howlett can write the first few Prodigy albums on a Roland W-30 (saving on floppy disks)

    Derrick May can produce ‘Strings Of Life’ on an old keyboard and a sampler

    Surgeon can produce some of the best techno around today on a hardware setup

    then yes, you can produce techno on Maschine

    Even though Maschine may have limitations compared some other DAWs, its an incredibly sophisticated tool compared to what people used before.

    'Its not the tools you use, it's how you use them'

  • D-One
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    Sound design for any genre is possible, especially in techno where the spectrum of how people compose is gigantic.

  • filip pietrzykowski
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    you got drum synth for creating 808-909ish drums

    mono synth and poly synth -not to mention vst instruments

    you can be very creative

  • Nikal Might
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    You can make techno on the most basic of setups. It's one of the most minimal genres around in terms of arrangement and little in the way of constraints other than making things a multiple of 8 bars. If you can host a VST and record audio, you can make techno. I like to make stuff in Softube Modular, bounce the audio(especially as it's very CPU-intensive) and resample it. Maschine is awesome for techno.

    IMO, the only drawbacks are that it's group-based rather than track-based and the automation editing is terrible.

  • Max
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    Man you dont know how stupid I feel right now. I'm working with maschine for 3 months now and I thought that you only can do automation by playing it and do it with the macros. Saw the brush now and that you can make the field for the automations bigger. When I wrote the comment I probably were angry about myself because nothing worked. But it's easier to find mistakes at the others and not by yourself right?

    Thanks a lot

  • Sequencesounds
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    No problems and really happy that you are working well now with Maschine.

    Don't worry, we've all had those moments of missing the obvious - I know I have them all the time!

  • coarsy
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    Yes, it's absolutely possible. I'm doing everything in the Maschine software. Just listen to a few of my songs here:

  • Nico_NI
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    Try to work with the sequencer to create loopy stuff. Saturation is also a good friend for giving character to rather dry elements of the mix.

    For the arrangement, even though it's possible, I would suggest recording in DAW and work it from there.

  • Peter Harris
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    Though it's not Maschine specific, this guy's channel and online school are an amazing resource for techno sound design and electronic music in general. And all of it can be adapted to our tools.

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